2021 BMW 330i $435 including taxes $3K drive off

Signed over weekend BMW 330I (black sapphire + Convenience package + Driver assist package + Sportline package)

Break down of numbers

MSRP 46,450.00
Total Savings 7,568.58
Corporate discount: 500
Sale price: 38,381.42
Taxable Fees (Estimated) 925.00
Document Processing Charge 85.00
Tax 274.73
Non Tax Fees 602.00
Add on: Glass coat protection package: Paid $1000
MF: 0.00093
3K drive off

Total including taxes Monthly without the glass coat protection : $405. With glass coat protection: $435

How much of that is incentives?

not bad. that glass coat thing looks like BS though

Unfortunately I didnt have a choice. Looks like they already had it on this car. After talking to 14 dealers for about 10 days this is the lowest deal of all. Not a bad deal in this market.

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Total incentives 1500 including $500 corporate discount (my company partnership with BMW or something)

I can’t get anything close to that in NJ, but I guess that is why I joined this forum today vs. lurking.

Then your title is incorrect. $405 including taxes with 3k DAS was never offered to you, and like you said you never had the choice to take it or not.

Yes Details are in the post

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