2021 Audi Q3 deal check

Hello All,

Checking in on this deal for my parents. They have a 2018 Q5 lease that will be up in 3 months. I had a dealer saying they may wave the payments if i get a audi now.

So lookin into a 2021 Q3 I called around and did some research and was thinking this maybe the best deal i could shot for?

What I think the price could be

The best quote I have gotten

What do you guys think? What percentage (pre-incentives) discount can I aim for on this Q3?

Dealers seem to be calling me none stop but no one wants to really give me an actually quote. it’s all about just “come on in and well beat everyone” lol.

if you haven’t yet- call @Samaudibh. He will get you an aggressive deal and it will be one of the easiest transactions you’ll do.

Also, check with @DonnyAudi if you closer to Carlsbad. He’s got some good ones too.


thank you @calbear will do!

This is what a dealer is saying now on the q3. Calculator

How do you get info for what a disocunt should be on a car? Like for RV and MF and incentive we goto edmunds. Is there no way to get a idea of percentage off?

Did you check the marketplace? A quick search turned this up. You have options…

OP is looking for Q3- not A3, but yes, I already pointed those 2 LH friendly dealers.

Too true :). What I was trying to reinforce (and quietly imply) was that both Sam and Donny provide excellent Audi deals right off the bat. I think we’ve only seen the minority of their deals beaten by folks that have put in significant legwork into… which is quite far from where OP needs to get to.


Are you sure as I have seen their prices and I have done the search and leg work. I don’t see Donny having the better price based on what I have posted.

Unless you see something I have missed? Based on Donny spread sheet for the Q3 I see the following:

Donny Spread Sheet Link Calculated However when i called Donny the price is 498/month

Calling around this was the best I got qouted which is 491/month

But the real question is how does one determine which percentage off a particular car can you aim for? Is looking at what everyone has posted here and trying to get a average based on region? Or is there another source like Edmunds which will get you this information? Like they do for MF and RV.

Also Dealer Fee is a standard $85 but how does one get the Acquisition Fee & Government Fees? It seems to vary by dealer. 561 to 514 government fee. Acquisition seem to be standard at 895.

Is your time not worth more than $7/month? I’d gladly pay that right off the bat w/o having to call anyone else. That’s what the original intention of this group was- hassle free, not to have to grind for every $1.

There is no such database that you are asking for- too variable. It’s not fixed like MF/RV.

It’s nice to say that you got the best deal out of anyone else, but at what cost? Time is something that you can’t buy and I’d rather do something else like watch a game.



Id be happy to look at this again, I sent you a PM a bit ago!

TLDR OP’s post… $7/mth diff? Bills and Niners on now.

OP - Work out a deal with Donny, buy him a JW Blue and call it a day… :joy:


Just forget about the Q3. You can get nicer cars for $500/m than a moderately equipped $39k Q3.


Yeah I was looking at 450 and that doesn’t seem to be realistic. So I dont think I will be getting it now. Thanks @max_g