2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport – Good deal?

What MF, residual and lease or loyalty credits (if any) should I be looking for on a 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport 36/12k or 36/10k, zip code 75244.

Appreciate the help, thanks!

You are in the wrong forum for that info! Head over to Edmunds for your request, super simple to get what you are requesting “over there”

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Already created a discussion on Edmunds forum, just looking for a faster reply.

Edmunds is the source for that information. That’s where we go to get it.

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Thanks! I will remove this discussion from the forum.


I have obtained both the residual and money factor for this vehicle in my zip code from Edmunds (36/12
.00011 MF, 47% residual, $1000 incentive, $1000 loyalty).

I just got a quote from the dealership and tried to enter the numbers into the leasehackr calculator but cannot get the numbers to match the lease breakdown received by the dealership of $768.27 a month which to me seems like an awful quote.

Could anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong here? I have also included a photo of the lease breakdown.

Thanks in advance!

The dealer has been sloppy on their offer sheet and you copy and pasted their error.

The residual value is 48%, not .48%

You’re also not including the listed $1000 rebate as an incentive. You’ve put it in the post-sale rebate section. The post-sale rebate section is only for rebates that occur post-sale. Essentially, something where you get a check in the mail after you already have the car for some amount.

After that, your taxes and fees are all wrong. You’ve left the default fees amount and haven’t selected the correct tax option for TX.

Thanks for pointing out my mistakes. I am completely new at leasing and was thrown off by seeing the APR instead of MF on the sheet and also their typo on the residual.

I did a quick google search on the standard rate for leases in TX and found it to be 6.25. If this is incorrect, would you mind telling me what the actual tax rate is in Texas?

Thanks again!

The tax rate isn’t the issue, it’s that you have the option to tax the monthly payment selected rather than the entire lease price up front as is necessary for Texas.

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Ahhh, as you can see it is my first time leasing. I’ve read most articles on Leasehackr but it’s the tiny information like this that I cannot get just from reading those articles because they can be different region to region. Thanks again for your help.

If you haven’t read through it, the calculator FAQ walks through all the different calculator options like this and tries to give some context as to what you’d use where.

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