2021 750ix demo, current market?

Turning in my BMW 740 at the beginning of April.

Seeing some great discounts on the 7 series from the broker offerings,18% to >20% on NEW 7 series units, and 19% on new 2021 750iX.

I have my eyes on a 2021 demo which meets the time and mileage requirements for leasability (per BMW updated policy).

In the past, 27-30% discounts off demo/loaner 7 series were obtained with some work.

I don’t need the car but would like one if the price is right. Any insight on the current market and flagship cash that would give an idea of what’s possible with a motivated dealer.

I have been looking for any marketplace or shared deals and haven’t seen 7 series pop up in quite a while.

Edit: last signed deal showing up was @AJAY with his 2020 demo 745e @30.8% and buy rate. Well done!

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Those were unicorn-type deals. Given the current leasing market (low supply + high demand for certain models + not enough incentives + other factors), it has made such deals one offs.

My advice is to do your research on what is attainable on this car. Know your numbers such as pre-incentive discount, available lease cash, and other incentives such as Penfed and OL code (read the fine print on the certificate for mileage requirements).

When you’re ready to strike, make an offer to a dealer. You won’t know whether they are motivated unless you try.

How long ago was this deal? Don’t expect the same discount on a 750ix. Not a fair comparison.

You got to put in the work.

My $0.02.


Agree with everything.

The 745e was in January. That’s the last shared deal.

I totally understand the deals are different than last year, but seeing the bigger discounts on NEW ones suggests there’s more trunk money/flagship money on these this month.

Also given bmw requirements of 4months/4000 mile loaner requirements I’m guessing they will just now start to become available for leasing going forward, so there’s not a lot of data on 2021 loaners, much less 7 series loaners.

Lastly, this is a total want and not a need. I wanted to make an offer today(now I can’t) or tomorrow and if it happened great, if not, I shot my shot. But I want to be aggressive without being unrealistic.

As for the incentives: 3000 loyalty, I have penfed but I cannot use that as I will have used it already this year for an X5, and I missed the driving events/OL codes as I was on vacation.

What was the offer going to be, if you don’t mind me asking?

:laughing: I don’t know yet, trying to formulate a plan.

Of course I want to be at 30% but I think it’s too early in the game for that (lack of leasable demos, lack of vehicles altogether).

I think 25% (5 % above new values) is probably achievable. In past years advertised loaners were going at 22% when new ones were at around 15% (this is based on my memory of dealer and broker offerings over the past year or two).

Below that I couldn’t justify the cost for a pure want.

If you are looking for such a unicorn type deal, be prepared for a ton of rejections. Right dealer, right car and right time.

For what it’s worth, I tried earlier this month and got nowhere. 25% was the max and that too on 2020 loaners.


This is a one car, one dealer, one time shot.

So I’m prepared for it a rejection as well as an acceptance.

I’ll give an update.

Do we know if he ever signed?

It wasnt confirmed in the thread.

He acknowledged the post above, don’t know if he ever did.

I did read that thread, kinda risky of him to provide the details of the car and deal without signing first.

Prior to him posting, someone had posted the link to that car.


I saw that. I read those threads last night while waiting for call. They were interesting.

I’d like some closure too.


I did not see any info in the “Share A Deal” section about AJ’s 745e loaner at 30% MSRP.

EDIT: They never stated whether they had signed. Maybe the car was purchased/leased by someone else.

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Update: I asked for 27% off, they essentially said 20% + incentives.

Bad news: I got shut down.

Good news: I saved 36k not getting this thing.

Thanks @Bluemkn57cars for the input.

@trusted_hackrs you can shut this down if you want. My questions were answered.