2020 XC90 T6 Inscription 6 passenger Lease check

With the majority of the lease deals posted on LH being T5’s and Momentum’s, wanted to check on this T6 Inscription.

Brand new 2020 XC90 Inscription T6 AWD, 6 passenger configuration
MSRP $69,745 (advanced package, 21’ wheels, couple other odds and ends)
Sales Price $58,435
(discount includes Costco $1250, Lease Bonus $3500)
$1000 loyalty applied as a down payment
RV 54%
base MF .00068 (before MSD)
MSD’s $6500 (MF .00018)
36 month / 12k miles per year
$1550 total drive off (1st month, tags, registration)

Region - Southern California

What’s a number on discount, any markup (fees, phantom footprints whatever)?

Get anywhere close to 10%, and base right now and you’re doing just fine.

Have you priced a 7 seater, they usually lease better than 6 paxs. With ‘20 inventory as is, I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t any left.

I was working on a T6 inscription 6 seater with MSRP of 67k in SoCal. . I was able to get a deal for 3k DAS and 508/mo including tax for 36/7500. Lease cash is 3500. MF is .0068. I ended up passing but I think it was a greet deal. There are some dealers with a lot of 2020 inscriptions on the lot. You just have to research.

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do you know what it would have been with 12k miles?
and what month was this in?

its coming to about 10% discount… 7 seater is cheaper, but for the color combo and options I want, it is difficult to find… Inscription residual sucks compared to all the other trims, so it leases poorly, hence looking at a 2020 instead of 2021

About 550 including tax.

Yes all the things you said are true. 11% is good, 12% is triple net on a new car. Push for the extra percent then you’ve reached what you’ll probably get best case on a XC90.

Verify 11% is dealer discount then you’re fine, post a dealer offer sheet and I’d be happy to do so.

Also Blah blah blah verify lease cash, base mf and rv from Edmunds you know the drill.

I think this is your calculator. You can push for more preincentive discount.

effectively $618/m (compared to the effective $673/m Im getting) but the car is also almost $3k higher MSRP

Truthfully it took work to find a dealer to go above 9%. You have to contact a few.

numbers updated

also forgot to mention, doing pull ahead 6 payments.

I’m on the search for a T6 Inscription 6-passenger in So Cal. This info helps a lot for what I should aim for. Thanks for sharing and please let me know if you have any dealerships/salespersons to recommend!

Hey there! will send you the info this afternoon!


I’d appreciate that very much! :grinning:

looks like there is a $500 “BonusDrive” from Allstate insurance, dont have to be a customer of theirs, but they will mail you a $500 check within 60 days of purchasing/leasing a new Volvo as long as it has under 1,000 miles (so loaners probably dont qualify)

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Here’s my starting point after making several online inquiries:

2020 XC90 T6 Inscription, 6 Passenger
MSRP: $74,730
36 months/7.5 K
Drive offs 1,550
MSD’s 7,500
749/mo tax included

I requested all the details, so I know where to haggle, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet.

this is really bad… ill get you contact info later today for socal deals

edit: ok you’re msrp is pretty high so might be “okay” but the miles are very low

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What are your target numbers based on the current lease programs as they apply to your situation and a reasonable pre-incentive discount target based on researching past deals?

TBH, that’s why I’m here to ask for your opinions since my research hasn’t been extensive.

I’m aiming for a 10% pre-incentive discount. My situation is similar to OP (Costco, $3500 lease bonus in CA, 0.00068 MF, 54% residual).

I guess my target numbers also vary depending on the car I’m looking at since the MSRP ranges from $67K to $75K.

Also, I don’t drive too much so a 36mo/7,500K works for me.

So given this car, those programs, and 10% pre-incentive, where do you end up payment wise?