2020 XC90 T6 7-Pass Momentum Loaner -- Lease Check

Got this quote for a 2020 XC90 T6 7-passenger loaner with 3895 miles in SoCal (I’m in NorCal but considering flying down):

MSRP: $62,675.00
Discount: $12,554.00
Selling Price: $50,121.00
MF: 0.00115
RV: 58%

36 month/7500 miles
$1500.00 drive-offs (No cap cost reduction)

Monthly Payment: $526.69 plus taxes

Do lease rebates apply to loaners? I have Costco but doesn’t apply, no loyalty. how does this deal look – don’t have a lot of experience with Volvo loaners.

To give you content, I leased a 2021 XC90 T5 with some options for 36/12k, only first month DAS and it came to $611 with all taxes rolled in. Mine had 1k miles but the lease started at 3k miles.

How much in lease cash/Volvo allowance is rolled into that discount?

Ok, that doesn’t provide any context at all. No one knows what discount you got, what incentives were applied, what your taxes and DMV fees are, etc.

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I assume all of it as salesperson not providing other discounts. Checked the edmunds and new lease should be RV at 61% and 3500 lease cash (MF quoted is base)

Do loaners get the 3500 lease cash or is it some other incentive? Also is the residual a bit low? Seems like for a 7500 lease it should be 61% minus the miles (about $800)

Ya, the lease cash applies to loaners. That puts you at 14.5% pre-incentive, assuming rv/mf/incentives check out. Not bad, but you might try for a little more.

The RV question is worth checking out further. Did you double check that Edmunds gave you rv for the 20 and not the 21?

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