2020 XC90 T5M South Florida $471/month+tax $995 DAS No MSDs

This deal is replicable. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with my salesperson. I’ve purchased 4 cars from them in the past year and half. Pics to come soon.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Volvo XC90 T5M
MSRP: $52200
Monthly Payment: $504 including 7% tax
Drive-Off Amount: $995
Annual Mileage:7.5k
MF: .00164
Residual: 62%
Incentives: $3000 ($500 loyalty $500 penfed $2000 dealer cash)
Region: South FL
Leasehackr Score:9
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Plus I’m getting Bonus Drive Cash Rebate of $500

Solid deal, even with that painful dealer doc fee.

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How is 6.5% off solid? He has $6k in incentives. Or is it $3k total?

The way he put it in the calculator seems like $3k total incentive

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My reading of the calculator was $3k total.

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I thought penfed is like A plan and can’t be combined with a deep dealer discount?

It’s $3k incentives… Corrected the text

try to get more discount on the MSRP. i got 6500 of MSRP last week in Florida not including the $2000 dealer cash

@CarMania what’s the specifics of your deal? Original MSRP ?

It shows 3k incentives but another 3k from his original post could’ve easily been included in the sales price, depending on how the dealer structured his deal

I don’t disagree that the wording was a little convoluted and could be taken either way

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@Autobrain The MSRP was $52,505.00 and selling price was $44,005.00 ($6,500 Discount + $2,000 incentives)

Got it. My discount was a few hundred less.

great share your calculator. Did you find a car you like on their site?

Hi, Are you able to put me in touch with your sales person?