2020 XC40 T5 MOM Offer Check

T5 MOM - MSRP - $42,720
Sales price - $36,413.70
Rebates - $1,250
MF - .00088
RV - 57%
Tax - $1,471.70
Tag,Title,Doc - $453.50
Acq Fee - $995
Monthly w/ zero down - $436.43

Calculator link, although I can’t quite get to their number.

MD dealer, registering in VA. Any room for improvement here? Looks to be base MF. I sent an email asking for clarity on incentives, because i was under the impression its $1,750 lease cash for everyone + $1,250 for Costco members.

$1,750 is included in the selling price, so you are at 10.66% off before incentives. Good discount. Who’s the dealer?
$1,250 is not taxed in VA, tax is 4.15% and 0 drive off means no first month when they probably quoted you with first month DAS.
Here is with first month DAS:

Ah gotcha, makes sense, thank you. It’s Volvo Annapolis.

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I knew it :grin:
No one else in MD does this deals. Working with Bruce?


Koons Volvo is ghastly, balked when I asked for a sheet…

Koons is a Volvo dealer, not a slur, oops.


You guessed it again :grin:


Say hi to him for me

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Let me take advantage of this thread :slight_smile:
With MSDs the interest rate is below 1%. At such a low rate, it make sense to roll all up front costs into the payment, right?

You are ready for your next Volvo? :slight_smile:
I roll everything in.

How’s it going man :slight_smile:

Yeah, lease is up in August so getting started now.

one more question! If my regional loyalty rebate is $500 bucks, then that follows (haunts) me to any other region, right? For example, if I drive up to NY where the rebate is $2k, they still won’t give me more than $500?

No, get something from NE. But check incentives here and in NY zip in Volvo payment estimator to compare. On some models they are only $250 higher in NE, so not worth it.