2020 XC40 Initial Check

Emailed local Volvo Dealership about Loaner XC40’s. They said the numbers on a Loaner made no sense when they put them together (they were astronomical) so they quoted me on a Brand New in stock XC40. This is before negotiations im just wondering what is within reason to get them down to…couldnt get the Calculator to work out to what they were showing me unfortunately

MSRP: Sale Price $39,660 (Price w/o any discount)
Incentives: $1500
15k miles per year
$2,376 down (taxes, bank fee and dmv)
MF: .00108
RV: 54%

would love some guidance to try and get them down. I know their MF is marked up from actual and what is a reasonable pre-incentive discount to aim for on this?

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This is @aronchi number. Try to get similar discount. If you will not get there just reach out to him. This is the man you need if You want to save time and money

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Paying full MSRP does not make sense

I would never pay MSRP I was just curious what I genuinely should be able to get off of these. I saw that number that is definitely what I am shooting for but w/o the MSDs I dont have that kinda money laying around right now to be tied up.

At this deal, you should look into the Care by Volvo subscription with 15k miles, insurance, etc. for $700 a month.

I just got a decent deal on a S60 loaner (much better discount than on the new car), so it just seems like they are trying to get you to pay more for a new car instead of a loaner.

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For reference, I just signed a 55k 2020 XC60 for $460 a month, 36/10 terms.

Discount was around 13% excluding incentives. Aim for ballpark 10+% at least, but this really depends on your location and region as these are subject to change.

Try to go with MSDs if you can. It’s an insane ROI. I have a 28% ROI with my lease.

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I am interested in similat set-up.
How are you able to get the dealer to come off the MSRP by 10-15% before incentives?

How are you able to negoatiate 10% off the MSRP before discounts?

im about to get one though aronchi. He makes it very easy. you will likely get 15 percent off msrp using him.

You have two ways of going through to get a similar deal, either by yourself or through a broker.

I did this deal negotiating directly with a local dealer rather than with a broker since my location in the Midwest made it expensive with shipping in addition to my “complicated” tax structure. My region wasn’t hot with great deals, but managed to pull it off. Location and region matters. My deal numbers may not work in another state. Depending on where you are at, broker usually is the better option.

If you were to do a deal by yourself, I would suggest you read up on the basics of leases and obtain numbers like RV, MF, incentives you qualify for, as well as tax. Look at other posts of other Volvo deals and you’ll start to see the discount you should be aiming for before incentives.

zero drive off?

$2367 DAS (Taxes and fees)

If you want to continue negotiating yourself, I recommend you ask the dealer to give you a detailed lease breakdown. You’ll see their numbers and calculations and you can then post it on here for us to review.

If not, go with one of the fabulous brokers on the site, they make it painfree. @Bostoncarconcierge or @nyclife may be able to help you


Go with aronachi, I just leased this car through him. Got the R design T5 in white with black top. He answered every single annoying question I had before I was even serious about the car. Very honest guy and not pushy or distasteful in anyway.
I actually overpaid him with out knowing it and he came back to point it out and return it.

If you get the momentum, it’s nice with the red interior, the styling kit is nice as well on all models. R design looks awesome in white.

I would try to get at least 15 percent off Msrp if you don’t go with aranochi.

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Dude, spell the name right in your recommendation. Pretty sure it is not aranochi lol.


Sorry I was typing it while at red lights.

Hi…the subscription service NY doesn’t have this… Not allowed… Question is does anyone know if you buy in different state like NJ and register it in NY is that allowed… Can you participate in the subscription program

The subscription service isn’t a particularly good deal, unless you have major insurance issues.

Ok… Thx for help

There are deals on XC40s better than this one. I only suggested the subscription because the deal you showed us is very high for an XC40.

Ask @aronchi or @Bostoncarconcierge. They might be able to help.