2020 X5 sdrive40i

What do you think?

Any incentives? Average discount but base MF. Consider MSDs.

I think discount includes the incentives. and yes this includes 7 MSDs

If .00142 is the mf post MSDs and 10% discount is post incentive, this is not a good deal.

Yeah post your incentives, enable the MSDs and update the calculator.

Also, consider some brokers in here. There are some good ones in SoCal.

This is the last price I got.

10% pre-incentive with buy rate MF is by no means bad, but you could likely get another 2-3%

I’ve been shopping the same car this month and is very similar the deal I’m seeing. ~10% off + incentives. Loaners seem to have the MF marked up, they justify it by saying the markdown is substantial (its ~15%). Not sure if others have had the same experience with loaners