2020 X5 M50i 2020 deal offer


Hello coming out of 2017 x5 50 sport in may.
Looking at 91/92k 2020 x5 m50i
This is the best offer I got iso far:
92k car
7 msds ($6000)
NY taxes and fees upfront
$850 a month

  1. Please let me know if I have to remove blacked out badged and back light film and put original chrome grill that I change for aftermarket before returning an old vehicle….
    Thank you

If your lease is up in May why are you trying to shop now? You are going to waste far more money getting into the new car then you could ever hope to save by negotiating a new lease.

As far as returning your car to stock, it is up to the dealers discretion. I would just put it back to stock anyways to avoid the potential headache, once you turn the car in you can’t get it back to undo the changes, especially if it’s just some badges and stickers.

Thank you for responce.

Generally you need to return your leased vehicle as stock as you took delivery. For example, if the car comes with summer performance tires, you need to return it with OEM summer performance tires with acceptable tread depth remaining. Window tint they may not have a problem with as long as the tint amount is legal in your state. The kidney grilles would almost certainly need to be stock. The roundel… I would ask your dealer or take the car in for a pre-lease end inspection.

Got this deal today but still have time till March when March madness hopefully would bring better deals.
What you think?
There is an 11% discount on there but the guy said he can do 12% so the car comes out to be


It’s only 7% off before incentives so not great. He’s counting the rebate as part of it and also you’re paying way too much up front for none of it being MsD to help lower your finance rate.

Whats the point of negotiating now if you’re not looking to get the car for another 2 months? Just don’t understand why some people like to waste both others and their own time… lol

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@Kima keep everything in the same thread

91k-11% is 81k PLUS $2750 IN REBATES so its not 7%.

You are right in a way, but the person who did the quote for me is my neghboor and he offered himself to count it, not like I ask him. I told him I am not getting it now.
He just startes doing it and since I know prices for these cars he wanted to show me that he can beat them.
Not everybody is lazy so dont judge …

Thank you Max instead of combing can you keep new thread and remove old one?