2020 X5 - good deal or no?


New at this…please see below. Is this a garbage deal?

2020 xDrive 40i
MSRP incl. destination:|$67,495.00
Lease Price:|$63,345.15|
Residual:$38,472.15 (57% of MSRP1)|
Mileage:10,000 Miles/Year|
Term:36 Months
money factor: .00142
Lease Down Incentive|$500|
Bonus Cash- $750
Monthly Lease Payment - |$799.00
8.875% NY tax paid in the Due At Signing amount.

An additional $500.00 Down Payment incentive was added to lower your payments.

Total DOS: $4577.28
The amount due at signing consists of $0.00 down payment , $799.00 first month’s payment, $925.00 lease acquisition fee, $75.00 doc fee, $10.00 inspection, $12.50 tire and $2,754.76 upfront sales tax.The dealership is using $750.00 Bonus Cash to lower your payments.

Yes. Very low pre-incentive discount.

Ugh. Pain in the you know what. Fine with a dealer making some profit but not taking me to the cleaners. I contacted someone on lease hackers who helps negotiate deals…see what comes of it. Thanks for help.

With $4577 DAS, payment should be in the low 600’s, and that wouldn’t even be a great deal.

The amount of pre-incentive discount to expect will vary by region depending upon demand. You’d need to try and find posted deals in your area to get an idea of what to expect. What is a good deal in TX may be a bad deal in NY.


It’s also a different game now for April. Dealers really are focusing on gross because the volume bonus is non-existent. You really lucked out getting your X5 in just before the deadline!

Haha. Didn’t actually get the lease done Decided to wait until April!

Yes garbage. Looks like " Bay Ridge BMW" deal

Invoice deal.

You can do better but it’s all about gross profit this month with volume bonuses gutted.

I’d keep negotiations open if you’re already locked in for March rates as programs have taken a turn for the worse as of today.

I was thinking that April would be kind of a “wait and see” month from an incentive standpoint and a “we gotta make some profit” from the dealers standpoint. Now just waiting for the X5 to ship :slight_smile:


I think this is what we’ve been telling people that have assumed there would be huge discounts. Since the volume isn’t there, the dealers have to resort to making more money per deal.


Kind of a catch 22. They want more money because of low volume, people that are willing/wanting to buy in this current climate are going to want a deal because they know cars will sit. I say everyone just let’s them sit. Let’s see how desperate they are by the last few days of the month. Hopefully May is better.

The one thing you have to remember is that if you’re still interested in an X5, that there’s no telling if the tax credits will stick around. They’re limited, and some dealers are already out of them.

Even if this thing was nipped in the bud today, at this exact minute and everyone was instantly cured the economic harm done will take a while to mend if it ever at all. Don’t expect miracles on anything.