2020 X1 Lease advice

Working on my first lease here and was wondering if I could do any better than is deal? Keep in mind the selling price includes a 1,000 off OL code built into the price. I’ve included zero drive off and one paying things up front and the actual screen shot a manager sent me.


Is if a loaner, demo, or new unit? If it’s a new unit that’s a very aggressive offer.

It’s a new unit.

they did include 1,000 off from test drive event code in selling price so percentage off MSRP is less than it seems

2020 is the LCI 11.9% before incentives is good already, but you can push at bit more to 15.2%($33850) with OL code see what they say, tell them you can come and sign right now if he can show you the number. Shouldn’t be that hard since it’s the end of year.

What the lease sheet says and what both calculators say are completely different

Can you walk me through it?

Post a link to your calculator


I have a question about the dealer calculator. Initial cap cost is 34,100. What is tire and wheel adjusted cap cost 33,595.83?

your monthly payment is very close ( Within few $ ) to what i paid for my '19 DEMO X1 Last month include taxes (NM 5.12%) and shipping ( all rolled into the payment ) thanks to @Electric for helping out with that one ( shipping was about 1k). i would say it sounds like a good deal