2020 wrangler unlimited JL $300/mo

looking to lease a 2020 wrangler unlimited - the most important features - manual 6 speed with a soft top - the base model basically. sadly this is SUPER hard to find in Southern California where everyone wants hardtop and automatic.

Finally found two that are essentially what I want and negotiated with the dealer today doing what I could to apply what I’ve learned from leasehackr! Please let me know your thoughts on the specifics:

The details:
$950 DAF
345 ($315+ tax)
36 mo/10k miles

Dealer said JEEP has no rebates or incentives right now and I think he is right so perhaps these are reasonable numbers and just high because it’s a wrangler.

However it was too high for me so started to walk and dealer came back with a final offer as I was leaving: (I still walked for now)

$1950 DAF (additional 1k down)
300/mo payment (includes tax)

I think this is a decent deal but I’m having a hard time stomaching 300/mo for base unlimited wrangler with essentially no options. Despite actually really wanting soft top and manual - something that is super hard to find in SoCal.

Would love your thoughts - been lurking on the site for years and you’ve provided lots of help especially on my last Toyota lease.


There is no meat on the bone. Dealer is giving you buy rate on the Money Factor and a good dealer discount on a Wrangler with basically no profit in it. Plus they are pretty much the only dealer that has this configuration. Dealer is right, there are no rebates on the 2020 model and Wranglers rarely have incentives available

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I think I follow your logic - does that explain how this 2020 willy unlimited that has a much higher msrp (a way more equipped wrangler) has lease terms that are barely higher than what I was able to get? 2020 Jeep JLU Willys $334

Thats a super unicorn deal and residuals were higher last year. On the M/T Base Wrangler that you are interested in thats a very agressive offer with nothing left in the deal

Knowing I’m gonna be all in the following:

payments 300*36 = 10800
Drive off 950 + 1000 = 1950

and the residual value is 25026

I feel like it’s just not that great a deal despite there being no meat on the bone - if I were to buy it out I’d be spending 37776.00 for a 31K car that is supposed to retain value.

Is this just the way things roll with a wrangler? What am I missing?

This isn’t a vehicle that you lease and then buy out…

You either Lease it and give it back or buy it from the beginning.

If you Lease it and buy it then too much of your money is going to the bank.


Trying to get to 350 - currently I have a couple dealers at 389. Is 350 realistic based on much of the research I’m seeing from late 2019 or is that a different ballpark with incentives which are non-existant now. I know JLForums talks about 6-8% off invoice but I’m not getting dealers to respond to that in CA.

I’m sure I’ll hear from you Jeff@ beach cities haha! you are the guy when it comes to these wrangler leases it seems.

2020 Unlimited Sport S 4x4 - automatic trans w 3 piece hard top.

MSRP: $40,180
Monthly Payment: $389
Drive-Off Amount: $1000
Months: 36
Annual Mileage:10K
Still no Jeep incentives or rebates at the moment which sucks.


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Geez the Wrangler lease has gone up a lot. I knew I got a good deal on mine last summer but didn’t know it was a great deal :thinking: I’ve been told that they can’t duplicate the deal when I was closing it, and now I understand why the sales manager was very reluctant to make the deal. So it won’t help you as far as numbers.

It’s 19 JLU Sport with automatic and hardtop MSRP of $36,235 I believe.
They gave me a heavy discount on MSRP because they severely marked up on money factor(around 8% APR… what a rip off :rage:), but payment was cheap so I just signed. Residual was like 79%. (Can’t find long yellow contract, just blue lease agreement)

It was 36months@12k mls per year through Ally and back then they didn’t have acquisition fee I believe. I did 0DAS and payment is $300 with 8.25% tax.

Bought 18" sahara take offs to swap off ugly black steel wheels, and tinted windows all around. Car doesn’t look base anymore so it was definitely worth the upgrade. Plus I don’t have to worry about wear and tear on tire/rims.

Not a fan of 5" Uconnect system but it’s a lease after all. I hooked up a shallow kicker sub in the trunk (amp and sub all-in-one) and changed 3.5" speakers to Infinity reference so now the sound isn’t too bad either. Stock ones were pretty bad. Used Best Buy’s total tech support to install it so labor was free and I can swap them off to factory speakers upon lease return.

Sport’s manual door lock and manual window can be bothersome and inconvenient especially when you have friends but I rather save some $ than having power locks/windows. After all it’s a wrangler so if it bother you that much, you can just take off the doors then don’t need to worry about it :sunglasses:

You need to figure out if you’re shopping the car or the deal, before anything else.

At first you noted it was all about a specific build (manual and soft top) then found there’s more value in an automatic hard top.

Even if the latter is a better value, pound for pound, is it what you want? That’s what you really need to pin point first.

If you’re saving a few dollars each month to get a higher MSRP car, but every day you get in your car and put it into “D” rather than 1st, is it worth the perceived savings?

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you have no leverage if the specific model you want is hard to come by because you’re at the mercy of 1 or 2 dealers.

Also what @Bostoncarconcierge said

I wish I could find that deal here in central texas. Best quote I got on a wrangler unlimited was 480 with first month and tier 1.

Wrangler incentives have changed ALOT in 4 months, dont use the top post as a comparison of what to shoot for, Also OP was shopping for a completly bare bones 4 Door Wrangler in a Manual Transmission