2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport SE 3.6L V6 w/ Tech Deal Terms & Negotiating with VW

2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport SE 3.6L V6 w/ Technology
36/ 10K
MSRP: $39,435
Pre-Incentive Sale Price: $36,585 (7.2% off MSRP)
MF: 0.00064 (from edmunds)
RV 56% (from edmunds)
Monthly $425 w/ $0 drive off
Leasehackr Score: 8.6 years
$1750 from VW (per dealer and cant find anything on edmunds about it)
$500 first responder
$500 college grad
$500 auto show
Leasehackr Calc:

Other data points:

  • The 2021 should be coming out soon (IDK when, news piece I saw said Spring 2020 but assuming COVID impact).
    -Dealers have a TON of inventory.

- Any advice on how I can hack this? (some lead questions below)

  • Rebates and incentives seem thin… I was thinking about not mentioning what I think I have in rebates and incentives until I negotiate pre-incentive sales price more (the current pricing is the dealers first offer).
  • What % off MSRP should I expect? Is 7.2% good or can I expect to push the dealer closer to 15%-20% off MSRP?
  • What is the best way to find more money OR the % of MSRP for pre-incentive sale price?


VW captive accepts MSD. Tell the dealer you want to apply them.

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You should try to push for 10-12% pre incentive on these. Unfortunately for VW, they started unloading these cars to dealers around the beginning of COVID-19, so your inventory comment seems accurate. To add - I personally enjoy driving this car (wife has the SEL V6). Much better than her JGC…


Thanks Captain. Having a hard go this week on the hack, but good to know what to aim for!