2020 Volvo XC90 T6 Momentum lease deals

Hi Hackrs:

Can you please take a look at the following deals and see if they are any good?
One with a few options with 36M/10K:
Monthly: $550 tax in
Due at signing: $2000 (don’t have all the details yet)
MSRP: $59040
Selling price: 50138
Residual: 62%
MSD: 10
MF: 0.00118


Advanced Package model with 36M/10K:
Monthly: $598 tax in
Due at signing: $2000 (don’t have all the details yet)
MSRP: $62355
Selling price: 54598
Residual: 63%
MSD: 10
MF: 0.00118

Are any of the above worth pursuing?

Thanks in advance!

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What is the pre-incentive selling price on these? Have you confirmed RV/MF/incentives with Edmunds on them?

Dealer was vague on pre-incentive details, but Iooked up Volvo’s website and there are several Cash Allowance depending on specific model and equipment and adds up to about $6000, according to one dealer, he’s discounting $8K and the other says they are discounting about $9K and the discount is what matter (told them I am not sure about that part). RV is about right, MF is also confirmed by leasehackr calculator. BTW, this is the 7-passenger model.

I will get them to specify Due at Signing tomorrow…

Let me rephrase what I said…

Go to the forum on Edmunds and ask specifically for the mf/RV/incentives for this trim in your zip code to verify the information.

Confirmed MF with the calculator? What does that mean? Also, if these are both t6 mom deals, why do you have different RV?

I posted on Edmunds’ last night asking for those values, have not seen their response yet.

When I entered Volvo brand into Leasehackr calculator, I entered the first MF I got from both dealers, and as I entered ten MSD, it calculated the the new MF with ten MSD (matched exactly to MSD MF dealer gave me).

Two different deals from two dealers, not sure why one offered 62% and the other 63%…

One is quoting you for a different amount of miles than the other or it is a different trim level.

That doesn’t mean that the mf isn’t marked up, just that if it is, they’re marking up the same amount.

Both deals have the same 36m/10k miles, same trim but one has few options and the more expensive one has Advanced Package which is like $2400, I think…trying to find out if they are any good. Thanks

They’re supposed to be, yes, but if your RV value is different, they’re either quoting you a different mileage than you asked for, a different trim, or just using bad numbers.

Right, waiting for Edmunds reply, but original MF without MSD was the same from three dealers so it seems legit but we will see.

I am not trying to compare one car to the other, one car is $550 and the other car is $598 so just trying to see if they are good deals or not, if they are, will go based on if extra $48 is worth it for the next 36 months for what we get in rerun in additional equipment benefits…

One of the deals is wrong, so it isn’t a $50 difference. You can’t compare two deals when there’s a problem with one of them causing you to not compare like terms. Further, we can’t tell you if either of these are good deals without all the info.

With all that said, I wouldn’t want a new Volvo without the advanced package.

What par of the deal is wrong so I can ask dealer to clarify, most of the info is from notes taken of back and forth over the phone so not sure if I wrote wrong information or they gave wrong info etc. Thanks

Edmunds reply:
.00168 MF and 62% residual
$2500 Volvo Allowance
Max MSDs will reduce the money factor by .00045
So the numbers dealer gave was legit.

Except for that wrong residual part on one of them…

And now you know what the incentives are so you can actually compare pre-incentive discounts against other deals to see where you stand.

The discount on your non advanced one is significantly better than the advanced one. If you fix the RV o. The advanced one, you’ll see the gap in price is about $20 more a month, so they’re actually about $70 a month apart.

Thank you, I will take a look, RV was likely a mistake on either party, since two out of 3 dealers quoted 62% instead of 63%…

Yes, they either quoted you a wrong trim level, a different mileage term, or just fubared the numbers.

Is this a good lease deal?

2019 XC90 T5 Momentum

MSRP $54430
Selling Price $45313
Down $0
Monthly $569
36 Months
12k miles/yr
Residual: 60%
MF .0019
MSD: 0
Sales Tax 6.25%

Due at signing 4569.62 (TT&L + add-ons)
Trade -in $4000.00
First month paid 569.62 by dealer

Just did a deal with @autopia. Ask for Rod. Just did a deal with him in NJ. 2020 XC-90 T-6 momentum AWD. MSRP 61,075. Lease term 15k/36 months. Max MSD’s of 10. Pmt is 549 per month with 3,500 DAS. Having car delivered middle of next week