2020 Volvo XC60 Lease Check

2020 Volvo XC60 T5 R-Design AWD
I just got a quote from local dealer on a Volvo XC60, R-Design, $54,885 MSRP, 36/12, $2300 drive-off, $510/month including tax. Can you guys give me feedback on this deal.
Thank you so much

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What is the discount before incentives as well as incentives applied?

Also, check Edmunds for the RV and MF.

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here is the stucture

First things first, your picture doesn’t show MF. Do you know what incentives you qualify for? Don’t want to assume but it seems like you’re talking to dealers and not understanding your target numbers.

This deal isn’t very good considering you’re putting 1800 in down payment.

Are you in Chicago, IL?

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I don’t have experience on leasing a new vehicle, the only incentive I qualify is Costco and I am in Orange County, California. I’ve been checking others and brokers posts but still don’t know what target I should looking for. Thank you in advance!

What did you see based on other deals you reviewed?

Deals mostly on T5 Momentum or inscription and lower MSRP than mine, loyalty was included as well. Also, the number I see quite close to what the dealer gave me so I’m kinda confuse on the target number.

Stop talking to dealers. Spend time reading the leasing 101. Get rv/mf/incentives from edmunds. Do research on other deals to determine a good target pre-incentive discount. Plug those numbers in to the lh calculator to determine a target deal. Then you’ll have something to compare dealer offers against.

Will do. Thank you so much!