2020 Tundra Rebate

I am in Missouri and am wondering what the rebate numbers are for March for a 2020 Tundra SR5 Sport…

Go to Toyota.com and under “Local Specials” put in your zip code. It will show you the cash rebate thats available for you region (Cash rebate can be used on the lease if you don’t go through subvented rates through TFS)

Thanks appreciate the quick reply

$3,000 for GST

I just got offered this. Am I leaving anything on the table.


What state is this? For TX, Sport is $3,000.

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Southern Ohio

That’s a good deal. I would take it.

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If tax is upfront, it is a good deal.

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Tax is in the payment. I just see some guys getting like 12 percent off msrp and I feel like I’m leaving some on the table

I got into the office and I am around 13% off of MSRP with your $2,500 rebate. I don’t know for you though.

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Aren’t most people getting 10 percent off before the rebate?

It’s anywhere from 8~9% before the rebate. It can go 10%, if they are willing.

Try around $260.00