2020 Tundra Limited in North Carolina Tundra...tundra tundra tundra!

Is this a good deal? NC by the way.

TFS or is this a USBANK speacial?

Toyota Financial Services

Did you check RV and MF via edmunds?

Can you find a trim with a better residual?

Not sure how to…that’s why Im asking here. If I pay the taxes, doc fees etc up front but otherwise no money down, the payment is $369 a month.

Open to suggestions buddy. Finance manager said they were 3k under invoice on this truck.

Toyota said RV is 70% for the record. Said SE toyota dealership network dropped US Bank because their MF was 3x their amount, despite residuals being higher.

Alright, let’s go from there. If you go to forum.edmunds.com and login via your google account, you can ask for base money factor (rent charge/MF) and residual value (RV). You need these to calculate a lease if you don’t have a sheet. We like to double check :wink:. What trim do you have? You’ll need that to ask for MF and RV, as well as your lease term 36/12k miles for edmunds.

After that, we can work in reverse using your payment on the cost with taxes and doc fee upfront. Also, most leasehackr worthy deals are money losers for dealers.

Have you contacted a broker on the forum about a truck @Jrouleau426 is in PA and is open for business. He should be able to beat this.

He has one limited for 425 a month

I second just contacting @Jrouleau426

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Hey, I was able to get around $400 all-inclusive ($0 drive off) in NC if that helps. The MSRP was ~$52,000

And the limited is basically an SR5 with leather.

Here’s the link to the truck.

No SR5’s…only a single limited available.

Wait… what??

Yeah, COVID-19 wiped out manufacturing capacity aka his inventory base. Won’t have more until late June.

I am going to laugh on this one. Don’t mind me!

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Can confirm/deny? I’m sensing :poop: talk and BS from dealer.

I’m just telling you what he said via text.

They never go $3,000 below the invoice. The most I go is $1,250 below invoice.