2020 Toyota Tundra SR5 Crewmax 4x4 Voodoo Blue in the Midwest area

OK trying to see if this seems like a legit deal or hold out as not in a desperate need for anything asap.
These are from the same dealer said if I wanted a Limited over this SR5 to add $60.

Should add both deals are $0 money down, just first payment deals.

This is a dealer from the midwest Kansas City area

MSRP $50,127

First deal:
retail: 50,127
advertised discount: 3,000
loyalty bonus: 0
dealer finance incentive: 1,000
factory rebate: 2,000
total discounts/allowance: 6,000
sale price: 44,127
accessories: 0
handling & document fees: 299
fees: 17
total: 44,443

36month 12k year: 6.69% 512.36

Second Deal:
Retail: 50,127
advertised Discount: 3,000
Loyalty Bonus: 0
Dealer Finance Incentive: n/a
Factory Rebate: n/a
Total Discounts/allowance: 3,000
Sale Price: 47,127
accessories: 0
Doc fees: 299
Fees: 17
Total: 47,443

36month 12k year: 1.99% 419.38

Would love to hear opinions from others.

Just fly to philly. Looks like could be a lot better.


Yeah looking like that’s an option at this point. Had another dealer offer a crewman limited 36/12k for $410 with taxes included. That seems like probably a comparable deal to Philly. But that was quoted from a salesman via email and sales manager called to see if he could help me with getting into one. Mentioned offer his salesman quoted me shared email now neither will return calls or emails lol. Thinking it might have been an oops thing and hoping I will just disappear.

Find a dealer willing to use Ally or US Bank

Yeah I mentioned ally and usbank but they kind of just brushed it off. My current lease that is done was through ally on my Ram.

Do you know what the cons between the three are? Sounds like some say USBank can be a pain on returns.

If you beat up your vehicles then I would get a protection plan for $600 with ally or usbank. But there hasn’t been many people complaining lately about their returns through either. All the complaints seem to be 5+ years ago. Maybe they got so many people willing to sue them that they relaxed on damage claims

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Have to give you credit, you seem to be the hardest working man in the car business these days. Very impressive on your dedication to everyone, must have a pretty good family with all the time you dedicate. My first was through Nissan on a pro 4x that was painless and my silverado and ram both through ally. Just looked over my ally lease paperwork and n/a on my disposition fee. I usually over looked this because I’ve always used equity towards a new lease but this damn 2017 Ram Rebel with 35k miles had it completely polished this fall held it’s value about as good as a Jag. Can’t get the 28k buyout, think dealer buyout is 29 and some change. Nice truck but last Chrysler product for me.

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