2020 Toyota Tundra SR5 Crew Max - Oklahoma City - Ally Bank Lease

Post Oak Toyota is the only Toyota dealer in Oklahoma that does Ally Leases (at least that’s what they said, I called at least 5 other dealers who said they only do TFS). Ally is doing 90% residual on the 24/10k leases right now.

This deal was interesting because the 10% negotiated discount plus $5000 from toyota brought the truck below the residual, so Ally wouldn’t do it. So basically I had to take $5100 (the 10% discount) as a cash payment. Payment comes out to $265 per month with all taxes and fees, zero down, 1st payment due at signing. I have a contact at the dealer if anyone interested, they have other trucks similar to mine.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Toyota Tundra SR5 4x4 Crew Max Sandstone TSS edition
MSRP: $51028
Price: $45,925
Monthly Payment: $265
Drive-Off Amount: $265
Annual Mileage:10000
Incentives: $3000 + $2000 Toyota Cash + TSS special edition
Region: Oklahoma City

Factory/Port installed Truck Options:

SR5 Leather Package (rare on the SR5 in Oklahoma)
Cargo Bed Light
Spray on Bedliner
Charging and Connectivity Kit
Center Console Safe
Power tailgate Lock
TSS Off Road Black package
Vehicle protection package



Nice … wonder how that would look with a body-colored or black grille

yeah I’ve seen the fully painted bumpers like the limited has. I want to plasti dip or wrap the chrome matte black to match the bumper and other pieces. I think it would look really good. I’ll see if I can get my friend to photoshop it up.

Nice deal, thought they got you on the rate but the standard rate this month is 10.69. That extra $2k is legit, especially on a 24 month deal. That $5100 covers the payments for what, 10 months?!

Hey Toyota experts, how can rebates vary so much from region to region? This sh*t is crazy, some regions have no cash, others have $5000 on certain trucks. I know each region does it’s own thing, but this is crazy.



yeah, the GM told me flat out “I’ve never had a deal where the discount off MSRP + rebate was below the residual, you’re the first”. That’s why Ally wouldn’t take the deal as is and we had to do this stupid “cash back” to me. But honestly, I’ll take the $5100 and invest it and get 6-7% most likely :slight_smile:

I had to do the same thing on my Taco, I said you have to cut me a check for the rebate or this won’t work. Nice to know there’s a dealer in OKC that does Ally, bookmarking this.

Anyone know if Toyota rebates apply to buyers zip code or dealers zip? Looking at you @Cody_Carter

Its based on dealer location

Nice, thanks. Head to OKC if you’re looking for a Tundra people!

@mackie1604 they don’t do US Bank?

Nope, only Ally.

I’m surprised a dealer would cut you a check for so much. Isn’t that a pretty big risk for the dealer, especially if the deal doesn’t end up funding and they gotta try to get back that money?

They’re sending check once ally Funds it. I got 800+ credit and a 20+ year job so I’m sure it was an easy decision.


Awesome truck! Hope you enjoy it!

Good to see stories like this. A happy customer is what we all want.

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Outstanding deal. To clarify: the $265 payment is including the $5100 discount? Or it’s $265/mo plus a $5100 check?

That payment includes the $5100 backed out per month, so his actual payment is around $477.

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Got it, that’s what I figured but wasn’t totally sure (it’s a weird time…). Thanks.

Shit I wish it was $265 plus 5100 :smiley: FREE TRUCKS!


That makes the first post a bit misleading. The payment wouldn’t actually be $265 if that’s the case. It would be some average between the 14 months left at $477 and the first 10 of $265. So… $388.66? That doesn’t sound like a good deal. Correct me if I’m wrong there. Plus you’re actually losing whatever the MF percentage would be for the lease tax on that amount they refused to accept on a cap cost reduction. Probably not enough to matter, but still.

The payment is $265. Take the amount owed, which is Payments were calc’d at 11500ish, subtracted 5k in cash back, now you have 24 payments divided 6300…

If that’s the case then Joe had the misleading math.