2020 Toyota Tundra deal

I’m in Oklahoma and I can’t get US Bank or Ally leases here, so I’m looking at the TFS leases right now. They have an advertised deal at $279 a month with $3000 due at signing.

For a 2020 Tundra SR5 Crew Max 4x4 special edition it would be:

MSRP: 50984
Selling Price: 43132 (15.4% off, this is their "internet price after toyota incentives)
Months: 24
Miles: 12000
Payment: $242
Residual: 77% (today from Edmunds.com)
Money Factor: .00223
Downpayment: $3000

Drive offs:

Drive-Off: $5,668

  • First Month Payment: $242
  • Down Payment: $3,000
  • Upfront Fees: $485
  • Upfront Taxes: $1,941

If do 9 MSD’s the MF goes down to 0.00151 and my payment goes down to $184 per month with $1800 in MSD’s.

Does that all add up or am I missing something here?

The internet price likely includes purchase incentives you do not qualify for. I’d recommend getting an actual quote instead of dealing with hypotheticals

Not that I can see, seems like their discount plus the $5000 they are offering on loans or leases. In fact in the lease fine print it says the $5000 comes from the incentives by TFS. They aren’t special college or military incentives and apply to loans and leases.






Go out of state and save a ton of cash with an Ally or US Bank lease, we got a dealer here in Denver that does both, search the site, plenty of Tundra deals posted. Although I just leased a Tacoma last month and it’s just sitting in front of the house, everything is CLOSED!

yeah that’s what I may have to do. Talking to a broker now. Thanks for the advice!

It really should be like this:

MSRP: $50984
Selling Price: $40385.00
Months: 24
Miles: 12000
Payment: N/A
Residual: 80%
Money Factor: .00110 (Based on Tier 1+)
Downpayment: N/A

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TFS allows rebates and special MF?

Right now, it’s Rebates without special MF.
Or Ally/US Bank with their rate.

Go with US Bank. It’s a lot easier this way.

The OP stated.

talk to @Jrouleau426 His deals might be worth the road trip to PA to pick up or to ship

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I totally agree! He does in and out lease all the time. Talk to him!

Already am! Ty!

Right now it might be tough to travel. Shipping maybe, but gonna cost me quite a bit.

Is it worth doing MSD’s on TFS? Seems like it would be, since Ally or US Bank aren’t great options for me right now (still talking to Jrouleau426 next week)\

Here’s the calculator without MSD, without a down payment (except fees and up front 3.25% taxes)

$382 a month. If I do 9 MSD’s and 3000 down, $192 a month.

We aren’t open for business anyway. I am on furlough until further notice.
Well… Ally’s rate is awfully high compared to TFS and US Bank.
As far as MSD goes, you can, but I don’t think it’s really worth it.

It’s $58 a month savings to do the MSD’s…is that not worth it? I’m asking honestly…

In your example, you are using $2925 in MSDs to save $2100 over the term of the lease. It’s a no-brainer to do. If someone says not to do it, I wouldn’t trust anything else they say.

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So I’ve been working with my local dealer. Unfortunately, doing an out of state deal through US Bank or Ally is tough, travel is tough right now as well since we’re all kinda stuck at home. Shipping might be possible, but it negates most of the savings.

Found a truck I like, seems like a great deal for TFS rates.

MSRP: 50317
Selling Price: 40875 (18.8%) ($4442 discount, 5000 customer and special edition cash)
Months: 24
Miles: 12000
Payment: $242
Residual: 77%
Money Factor: .00161 after 9 MSD’s ($2250)

Drive offs:

Drive-Off: $2333, taxes, first month, fees
MSD $2250


You need to separate the rebate out of the sales price.

Plates are only $160?

Yeah, only $150, plus $10 fee they charge.

Updated calc - Same monthly, tiny bit more up front for taxes…

No lines at the airport and cheap flights! Load factors under 25%. Although maybe not for long(don’t be surprised if there’s a mandated or voluntary shutdown of 1 to 2 weeks)