2020 Toyota Tundra 4x4 (Model Code 8361) Status in Texas

2020 Toyota Tundra 4x4 (Model Code 8361) are almost out in State of Texas.

As gas price have gone down, I guess the Toyota vehicles that people came up in their minds are Tundras and Tacomas.

Right now, there are only 1-2 Tundra 4x4s in every dealership in Texas. And there is none in mine. I would love to help you, if you reside in Texas and the dealership uses the US Bank or TFS.

Or else, you probably have to wait until mid July to end of August to lease from me.

I would highly suggest you wait though because the ones that are in stock, they aren’t discounting much to where it be $280 - $300 payment in 50k Tundra.

So reach out to me, if you have any questions, concerns, and etc.

Derek Oh
Toyota of Dallas

Found one in Texas, MSRP $49,600. SR5 Crew 4x4 with the black wheels. They’re quoting me 359 nothing due 24/12. Should I hold off or try to get the price lower? really looking for something crazy like 250 per month I’ve been waiting for you to post one before I start bugging you.

I would tell you to wait until Mid July, if you can! They are only discounting to the invoice, if it is that payment or they are using TFS that has lower residual and higher MF than the US Bank