2020 Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium Deal Check

Hey Everyone,

First time leaser here in SoCal. I’m looking to get a 2020 RAV4 XLE Premium and this is what I have been offered:

MSRP: $31,468.00
Selling price: $29,980.22
MF: 0.00197
Residual: 63%
36 Months
12,000 Miles


That’s a bad discount. I’d think you can get 10-11% off it.

High MF but RV seems very good.

Push for a higher discount and you should go 0 driveoffs with MAX MSD (will lower monthly by $40+)

They’re currently quoting me $439/month with $750 cash down, $408/month with $1750 down, and $378/month with $2,750 down.

This is a dealer-friendly market given low inventory levels. To get a good deal you need to shop multiple dealers or have a go-to good deal guy/gal. How many dealers have you shopped?

Cody is a go-to SoCal favorite on this site. On his website (need access) he has $460/month (after 9.5% tax) & $922 DAS for a XLE Premium $32,900. I am sure Cody can quote you out a deal at your $31,500 configuration.

If you have time/bandwidth, I would give him a call.


You’re in SoCal… Go to @Cody_Carter and call it a day

Seems like allot of money for that class of SUV

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There’s 1200+ RAV4 in 100 miles radius of Los Angeles so I wouldn’t say that’s low inventory. Unless they’re blowing hundreds monthly, I’d say they have a healthy stock of RAV4 at the moment. They probably will get more imported by Fall

OP can probably get a Lexus NX for less at that quote.

$460/month with $922 DAS for RAV4 XLE? I don’t think that’s right but if it is…hard pass.

@richie_gonzalez Any progress on your lease deal?

Toyota offers almost no support for the RAV4… like very high buyrate MF and no universal incentives.

The OP’s $500 is recent grad rebate I’m guessing.

There’s very little to hack here. Grind for a slightly larger discount and add MSD.

Otherwise look for a competitor that leases better like a Honda CRV

I thought i seen @Jrouleau426 said the Rav 4 is a purchase candidate instead of leasing it.

@AutoCompanion has very strong RAV4 lease deals, but in DMV area.

That is right at invoice. I just feel sorry now…

Invoice is about the money on these. The Premium doesn’t get a ton of discounts. XLE or Limited get a lot better pricing.

No progress as I had to take a brief step back from shopping.

I am back on it now, but looking for something that meets all of our needs…


@richie_gonzalez Good to hear you are back in the saddle. It’s still tough out there so map out a great deal and get the best you can. Good luck.