2020 Toyota Highlander

Appreciate that I’ll look into that

Thanks for the input hopefully I can score a good deal. According to edmunds no current incentives

Found a dealer that has the model I want. Going to stop there today and put out some feelers

Wasting your time, as @mllcb42 said do everything online. By doing everything online, you know pretty quick who’s aggressive and who wants to play games.

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Then I guess this guy isn’t too aggressive told me he canT negotiate online MSRP. I have to come in person

He wants you to come in in-person so he can use the high pressure sales tactics and separate you from being able to easily shop competitors. Easier for him to make more money when you’re at a disadvantage.

I’m going to email him back and say what you mentioned about agreeing to terms

Try calling if online fails. Tell the dealer a stock number you want a price on. Tell them on the phone that you know the vehicle you want and are just price shopping. Let them fail to give you a quote that way.

Just put a deposit down on a 2020 Platinum today and picking it up Monday or Tuesday. Dealer was motivated and we negotiated an MSRP of $51,192 and selling price was $45,650. Pretty happy on a fairly new model.

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What’s the payment?

$570ish for 42 months through US Bank. Waiting on the final paperwork to get the final numbers but the wife is happy and that’s all that matters… :grinning:


Ouch, hopefully that’s zero DAS

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Isn’t that about 10 percent off? Pretty good P

A local dealer had been consistently contacting me to come in to talk about a car coming in towards the end of the month. I already spoke to a broker who was able to get me a great price. Same thing with the car. Some platinums are still being delivered so it’s just a waiting game.

At the dealer today
MSRP was about 51,200
They offered me $2200 off(wow!) and told me that’s a big amount.
They wanted $730 for 36/10k with about $1000 down. I told them price was to high and asked for more off. They just jumped to if I put more money down. Said if I gave them more down they could get me to mid $600s. Deal i have from broker is still better. For a dealership that I was the only person in, they didn’t seem interested in negotiating.

Did you ever do this deal

I have the xle for $400 plus tax tags doc fees…

Plats are hard to get but I have some limiteds.