2020 Toyota Corolla SE Evaluation (with SE premium package and JBL sound)

Hello all, new to LH! Just wanted to confirm if I’ve done the math correctly on this lease.

I put $1,100 as the incentive; $600 for lease cash and $500 for Toyota loyalty. They also have a $1,250 incentive as well (that can’t be combined with others). I used the dealers sale price ($24,873), should I be negotiating to get this down to the edmunds price ($23,509)? I feel like there should be more off the msrp?

Located in Vegas (89118)

1st pic is dealer
2nd is edmunds deal
3rd is leasehackr calculator (w/$24,873)
4th leasehackr calculator (w/$23,509)

Thanks in advance!

Where are you located? I can definitely do a better deal than that in NorCal

Thanks for your reply, I’m in Vegas - 89118

Could be driving a Camry SE for those Corolla SE lease payments…too much for a corolla.

What do you think I should be at? I felt like 10% off the MSRP wasn’t too great. Currently I pay $242 for a 17’ Corolla lease. It’s about to end in a few months and looking at another Toyota. I can also pull forward too and have a 750+ credit score. Also this was for a loaded Corolla with the SE premium package, and the JBL sound.

I went to the dealer last month and they were quoting me $272 for a 20’ Corolla lease “and that’s the best they can do”.

Also, I’m looking to get a C-HR XLE for around/under $300 if that’s possible?