2020 Tacoma Paint question


I just got a White 2020 Tacoma TRD sport. I noticed that the paint on bottom of the cab from front to all the way to the bed on both side is not smooth but textured while it’s smooth on the rest of the body.

Is this something anyone else noticed? Is this normal?

Thanks in advance.

Yeah, I have the same on my taco, it’s normal.

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It’s weird…

That’s a coating Toyota does to protect that lower part of the truck. It’s on all of them and actually very useful in the fact that it helps prevent rocks that likely come up to that lower part when driving from damaging your paint

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That did cross my mind… But wanted to be sure.

That’s called the anti-chip coating. A lot of Toyota/Lexus products use it. Sprayed on over the E-coat and below base/clear coat. Tesla model 3 owners wish Tesla continued to use the antichip sprayers in their ex-Toyota paint booths.

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VW/Audi does that too on most models

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Picked up a new Tacoma in December. Made it home and noticed that, had the same thoughts cross my mind as you did.

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It looked odd as it was by the bottom and didn’t want to think too much about it. But I figured I’d just ask to be safe lol

Really good to know… too big of a flaw to pass factory inspection but good to know the reasons for it :+1:

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Here you go

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