2020 Tacoma Access Cab Sport - Deal Check

Hi guys

Any thoughts on how to improve this lease or find better? Is this due to them using TFS? was told they won’t do Ally/US bank for some reason?

Model/trim: 2020 Tacoma access cab sport w/ premium package
MSRP: $38,927
Edmunds real price: $35,914
Dealer price with incentives: $34,625
Residual: 69% / $26,860
Lease term: 36 months / 12k miles
Lease total amount without tax: $7,765
Tax (located in Chicago) 8.7%: $689.14
Bank: TFS (was told they don’t use Ally/US bank) - anyone care to explain?
Pre-tax, fees, etc monthly: $324/month
Zero drive off monthly: $382/month inclusive of tax, fees, etc
Leasehackr score: 9.6 years

Lease calculator details link: https://tinyurl.com/yxyym5kc

Not sure if I am doing tax right. Think I understand the rest though after reading the great amount of information on here.


I’d recommend finding a different dealership that will work with US Bank. Comparatively TFS lease numbers are terrible as compared to US Bank or Ally. Use the broker section to key in on the types of monthly payments you can shoot for and then adjust for your area (taxes, fees, etc).

No, that’s absolutely ridiculous.
The dealership should have at least one captive lease trust that they work with.
Either Ally or USB. If they don’t, they must be a small store.

Tell the dealer you will do 88 a month. See recent post on Tacoma SR.

Hint the deals are better on double cabs.


How can you find the MF and RV from US bank for a Edmunds doesn’t have it

You are somewhat off, I think.
Find out what the MMR though.
That’s what threw me off last time.