2020 Subaru ascend touring

2020 Subaru Ascend touring deal…

Have been offered 3 years/36k miles for $495/month (no down).

Is this a good deal? MSRP of 41k and drive out 44k… any comments / feedback will be great!

You have like no information posted. Should really look around some more and see what info we need.

First step go to edmunds and find your MF and RV for your zip code

Foundation of leasing. You’ll be happy you did the legwork

I think the MF is 0.00375 and RV of 56%.

MSRP of 47,443 and selling price of 41k- drive out price of 44k…

Any comments? To summarize ,

MSRP : 47433
Selling price : 41100
Drive out price : 44,000
MF : 0.000375
RV : 26,568
Ttl: 1,865
Acquisition fees : 595
Document : 150
L&m fees ? : 225 (not sure what’s this)
Payment : $495/month (36 mo/36k miles) - drive out.
Zero down payment.

Should I sign this tomorrow? Appreciate any feedback here.


Subies never lease well. Almost everyone I know buys them because they readily offer 0% finance specials now which severely beats the lease money factor.

If your concern is AWD and well equipped. Not sure what area you’re in but my Lexus RX 350 deal is replicable all in 370 27/7500 at a few dealerships I’ve beat up metaphorically at this point

Just a thought anyway

End the year on a great note with a great car you’ll enjoy

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I need more miles than 7500 per year. I will check out Lexus. It seems like Lexus IS smaller and lesser features than suburu touring?

Outback is leasing well rn.

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