2020 SoCal XC90 T6 Momentum w/ Advanced

Thoughts or feedback - score of 8.6. I know it isn’t great, but quite honesty I’m fine with a fair deal (I’m in a sales role myself and dislike being ground to the nub (nor will I gouge my clients) - I like fair on both sides).

Looks like Midwest has some nice deals, whereas not amazing options in SoCal from what I’m seeing. Think Ben is slammed so probably just going on my own to the guy who leased me my last two Volvos.

Seven seat 2020 T6 Momentum with Advanced. Pulling forward my S90 T8 since we need the third row for near term carpool needs…sticking with Volvo since I like them and can do the pull forward.

Thx for any feedback.

Currently can’t ship to Cali with reg requirements.

I’m working on a Cali deal but won’t be until this mid/late this week.

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Why do you have 1.6k in gov fees?
Is the 2.5k an actual downpayment or incentive money?

LH score is a useless metric.

.gov fees are really high.

Have you confirmed the lack of incentives and mf with edmunds?

$2.5k is actual down payment. Haven’t confirmed MF for February yet.

Forgot to mention this is 36/12k miles.

You should be aiming for 11% off msrp before incentives. I just picked up an XC90 a week ago in LA. See my post for the breakdown.

Thx for the feedback JamesBond. To your knowledge do the percentage off MSRP generally stay the same regardless of whether it’s a T5 or T6? I haven’t followed the XC90 close enough to know.

If you have a dealer/salesperson you think I should speak with I’m all ears (pm would be great). Thx so much.

Sometimes different trim levels/engine levels have extra cash thrown at the dealers to move them, so a deeper discount can be had. R design xc90s had this going on a while back.

Has nothing to do with % off MSRP as we consider it before incentives. Invoice + some or all holdback = % discount, doesn’t matter trim or model.

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