2020 Silverado 1500 4WD, Short Crew - CT

MSRP: $42,795
Savings: $807
Rebate: $8,000
Cap Cost: $33,988
Sales Tax: $1,468.57
Dealer/State Fee: $966
Total Price: $36,422.57
Term: 39 Months
Mileage: 10k a year (Plenty for me)
Residual: 66%

Payments: 0 down = $415 / 1k down $390 / 2k down 360 / 3k down $330
Payments include Taxes/Reg and all fees. I just owe 1st months at signing.

Everything the truck comes with is below. I think this is a pretty nice deal, any thoughts?

1CX-Custom Preferred Equipment Group AE7-Seats: Front 40/20/40 Split-Bench, Uplevel
AKO-Glass, Deep Tinted AQQ-Keyless Remote Entry
AU3-Power Door Locks B30-Floor Covering: Carpet, Color Keyed
BTV-Remote Engine Starting Pkg C49-Defogger, Rear Window, Electric
C4P-Air Conditioning - Single Zone Manual,

C5W-GVW Rating 7000 Lbs
CGN-Chevytec Spray-on Liner DLF-Mirrors, O/S: Power, Heated
E63-Durabed G80-Locking Differential, Rear
GBA-Black GU6-Rear Axle: 3.42 Ratio
H1T-1WT/1CX/2CX-Cloth, Jet Black, Interior

IOR-Chevrolet Infotainment, 8" Color Screen
K34-Cruise Control KI4-120 Volt Electrical Receptacle, In Cab
KW5-Alternator, 220 AMP L3B-Engine: 2.7L, Turbo
MQE-8-Speed Automatic NE1-CT/MA/MD/ME/NJ/NY/OR/PA/RI/VT/WA


NZP-Wheels, 20" x 9" Silver Painted Aluminum PCX-1CX/2CX Convenience 1 Package
PDB-LPO - Dark Essentials Package PDX-1CX Custom Value Package
QAB-Tires: 275/60 R20 All Season, Blackwall QAQ-Tire, Spare: 255/80 R17 All Season,


QT5-Tailgate Function–EZ Lift, Power Lock &

R6W-Low Displacement Engine
RIK-LPO - Badge Exterior Black Nameplates RM7-Wheel, Spare, 17 x 8, Steel
SAF-Spare Tire Lock SB7-LPO - Black Tailgate Lettering
SFZ-LPO–Chevy Bow Tie, Blacked Out U2K-SiriusXM Satellite Radio (subscription)
UE1-OnStar Communication System UF2-Lighting, Cargo Box, LED
UTJ-Theft Protection System, Unauthorized

UVC-Rear Vision Camera

V76-Recovery Hooks VK3-Front License Plate Mounting Provisions
YM8-LPO Processing Option Z82-Trailering Package
ZLA-Infotainment Package

You can do a lot better than $807 in dealer discount

What about the rebate he is providing? Is that something automatic that everyone pretty much gets or is that a generous rebate?

The rebate isn’t their discount. They’re basically selling you the truck for MSRP. This deal should be a non-starter.

I don’t want to over ask and shut down the conversation, if this was you – what would you recommend as a savings I should aim for?

We are only dealing in email thanks to COVID 19.

How many Chevy dealers are in your area? I wouldn’t lose sleep over them shutting down negotiations with such a paltry discount, assuming this wasn’t their first offer. Shop around a bit. Don’t be afraid to ask for 8-10% off and negotiate from there.

I can drive to 3-4 dealers within a 45 minute drive.

I appreciate your responses, I am sure this is not an optimal time for them, I will push back.

If they had the balls to offer that insulting discount, you should have the balls to ask for a much larger one.

Or maybe you should be the one shutting down a useless conversation


Have you considered a Toyota Tundra or Ford F-150? Much better trucks that can be had a MUCH better prices these days.

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Personally, everyone in my entire circle of friends has a Toyota Tundra or Tacoma, trying to seperate myself from the barrage of insults if I get the same as them ha! I do love the F-150… I will look that way and see if they can provide a more aggressive deal.

I will agree Tundras can easily be had for better prices. Not sure if it’s a better truck. They REALLY need to roll out a new generation (it’s age is starting to show) which I’m sure is coming soon.

If money wasn’t an issue, the current tundra wouldn’t be my choice. I think the Rams are amazing.

Waiting on Ram right now, they should have me a quote shortly – they are my #1 choice but are slow to respond through email due to COVID

Not to mention this big truck has a 2,7 4 cylinder, yuk.
Look at a lease with the 5.3 and the lease should be better.
Most truck buyers will tow something and nobody wants a 2.7 for towing, it and will negatively effect the residual.


I have no desire to tow anything with my taco. I’m a straight poser. What can I say, the lease was dirt cheap!

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We all have nothing but time on our hands, I’d literally email every dealer in a 50 mile radius, I would bet a great deal could be had on any truck

You guys are giving me the motivation to go harder, thank you. I will update when I have more deals we can tear apart :slight_smile:

Ram got back to me:

1500 Classic WARLOCK QUAD CAB 4X4 6’4 BOX Quad Cab… has 8 inch touch screen, blacked out package. Auto start.
MSRP: 45,470
Rebate: 6,000
Dealer: 4,500
Price: $34,970 all in
Down: $2k (Includes 1st month and taxes/fees)
Monthly: $350 on a 48 month term
42% residual

Seems like a high monthly payment no?

Residual seems a bit low to me =. I think youd be better off leasing the bighorn or the larime

48 mo on an fca product? Terrible idea, I assume this is 15k like the Silverado?

My recent lease deal on similar truck.

Yes! Signed and done…

2020 GMC Sierra 4x4 crew cab elevation diesel i6

$53,895 Msrp
$40,350 Sale Price
$950 fees approx:
68% Residual
24 months / 15k year
$449- 1st payment DAS only
$449- monthly
6.25% tax rolled into payment
About 25.2% off Msrp with rebates
I had $1500- competitive lease
$6500- customer cash
Dealer discount was $5500- approx:
I used Ally bank
Higher APR but I was able to keep bigger rebates

Took 6 dealers to get it done
Metro Boston
Thanks for all the help from everyone on LH