2020 Sierra Denali 1500 4x4

Finalizing lease, looking for feedback on if this is a good deal. I feel like it is, it is the same payment and money down as my 2017 lease but MSRP is about $4,000 higher.

2020 Sierra Denali 1500 4x4 Ultimate Package
MSRP: $69,980
Monthly Payment: $549
Drive-Off Amount: $1210 (Includes one month negative equity from previous lease @ $550)
Months: 36 months
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: ??
Incentives: Supplier Pricing, Loyalty
Region: Ohio
Leasehackr Score: Not Sure, didn’t have residual or MF to figure out.

Payment looks great. But without knowing selling price, MF, RV, and all incentives applied it’s hard to analyze the deal. But if your happy with the deal and price go for it.

Eh, knowing what past 1500 Denalis have gone for in the past, around 500 a month with drive offs was the best I’ve ever seen. I’m sure someone has gotten around 500 with zero DAS, but I’m too lazy to search. I’d say you got a good deal.

I think the MF and RV are moot at that payment for a 70k truck.

I’ve seen this argument before and it’s nonsense. The only way to analyze a deal is by having the info. Just because $500 seems like a good deal, doesn’t mean it is.

How much is supplier and loyalty?

Yeah, it is moot. 550 with 700 DAS for a 70k 1500 Denali is solid.

Keep in mind the RVs are about 3% worse than the 2016/2017s. The base MFs are a wash.

You just said RV and mf are moot and then compared the deal based on the RV and mf in the same post…

I judged the deal on the payment and das alone. The MF/RV was after I looked it up since I was curious.

Doesn’t change the fact that it’s moot. You’ve been on the forums long enough. 550 for the 1500 denalis are good.

Look, you can keep arguing, but if we’ve been staring at numbers everyday, we can tell what looks good.

Do you need to know the details if a 2020 bmw m340i is 500 a month with drive offs? We know it’s good. 1500s have been discussed ad nauseam here.

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I’ve been here long enough to know that I don’t know GMC numbers in the mid west market for December without doing any searching. With how much incentives and such can vary between regions, it is incredibly easy to think something is a good deal when it isn’t (or the other way around). Having the actual numbers let’s you actually compare.

Fair enough. You can reserve judgement until you get all them numbers. I felt this one was pretty easy.

You’re probably right. It probably is. I have seen plenty of deals, however, that seemed like a great deal until the numbers were flushed out.

I don’t understand this mindset at all, not saying this is some great deal but if you walk into a dealership and they give you some crazy low monthly number and tell you “take it or leave it” are you then going to ask for the MF and residual value?

My little sister just leased a buick encore for $68 a month and 1600 due she has no idea what a MF and residual factor even are, do you not think she got a good deal?

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How do you know the number is actually a crazy low number without knowing what the numbers for the vehicle are?

If you’re talking to a dealer about prices, you should already know what the the RV/MF should be and know what the monthly would be as an output of your target values. If you just blindly go in, you’re just shooting in the dark and while a good deal may fall on your lap, 99.999% of the time, it won’t. What possible argument is there to justify going to a dealer to try to aggressively price shop a car without doing your research first?

Well that’s a completely different scenario, in this context we are judging the number based on what we know Sierra Denali’s normally lease at, we’re not blindly judging it.

If someone makes me a steak that tastes great when they ask if I like it I’m not going to ask what kind of steak it is to decide my reply, I’m going to say yes I do like it because the steak tastes good.

I don’t know need to know what kind of steak it is to know it tastes good that is irrelevant to the taste just like you don’t need to see all the numbers to know if a lease price is good. I know we like to “hack” leases based on those numbers but at the end of the day all that matters is that monthly payment amount.

So again because my sister has no clue what the numbers are does that mean her $68 a month encore isn’t a good deal? Nobody said you should go to a dealer not having the right information that wasn’t the discussion and nobody would argue that because it’s silly, the guy asked if that monthly number for a Sierra Denali is a good deal or not.

I have no idea what Sierra denalis lease like in Ohio with the current programs, and while I haven’t searched the forum, I’d be shocked if there are numerous threads fitting that situation. The op asked for the deal to be looked at prior to signing. To do that appropriately requires that info.

That’s fine but that isn’t what you posted, if that was what you posted nobody would have argued with you. You weren’t asking for that info to help the OP you posted specifically to shoot someone down who critiqued it saying that it doesn’t matter what the bottom line monthly payment is in order to judge the deal, that doesn’t make any sense.

This looks like a good deal. Did the dealer mention if this could be duplicated? I wonder if the deal might be slightly better towards the end of the month, might be worth waiting.