2020 September Alfa Romeo Deals

As always i’d like to start by thanking the community for the countless opportunities to earn more business. I have been working with you all over year and a half now and the client base keeps growing local and out-of-state. My name is Preston Wheeler Please feel free to text or call me (817)-929-0426 with a stock number off my website (www.ealfaromeo.com) and i will begin working figures out for you ASAP. If you are out of state feel free to reach out to me, each deal is subject to your states taxes. Thanks again, I look forward to working with y’all!! Number’s are base payments applicable to ANY state i can roll in state taxes and fee’s or you can put them down at signing.

(Please provide: Name, address, zip, contact number, stock number)


Are these 18s or 19s? Sorry just looked up stock numbers … all 18s right?

Might shoot you some other stock numbers, if you could give me some quote based on the terms I need.


Sure thing, did you already msg me?

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Hello how does a trade in work while leasing , do we get a discount off on the taxes?

Yes it does.

Just wondering, as you tag NJ, is that means you able to ship the car or will need to pick it up in TX?

I am able to ship

“Giulia Ti: (A578222) MSRP 45,340** First Payment due at signing+ Tee’s and fees: $427
27 months: $427.99
39 months:$ 403.54”

Dear Sir,

Couple of questions:

  1. What do “tees and fees mean” and to how much do they amount to?
  2. Do the payments include tax and if so, what %-age?

I was offered a 39mo/12,000mpy deal in 90025 for #437 mo. 9.5% tax incl.+$1,500 out of pocket, for Giulia Ti Sport, and I need to evaluate it.
If I was within 150 mi. from you we’d be talking in person. :slight_smile:
I would gladly appreciate promptness since it’s the last '18 on their lot.


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I’d be willing to bet Tee’s are taxes.


Why would anyone be interested in these prices when the 2019 model is already out and people were getting a lot better deals in August …

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Certain people are now in the market who weren’t in august?? The lease is cheaper on a 2018 rather than a 2019…


Dear AlfaFTW,
You commented on a comment, but didn’t answer my questions. Could you, please?
And thanks for the comments. “Tees” must be a Texas slang?

This is why you don’t time the market… deals are fine now and dealer inventory is waining.

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any incentives on the stelvio Quads?

Are you able to structure a deal on a Stelvio Ti if i have an EPP Control pin?

yes msg me with your first last name and zip with the control #

did you send it over to me?

Did you select any vehicles?

That is correct

If you can get back to me i can finish the quote for you!