2020 S60 T5 Momentum Loaner in NV

Car is a loaner
I am qualified for Costco, USAA, and First Responder.
Thank you


How do those numbers compare to what you’ve found when researching other deals here?

@mllcb42 It’s not even close. What I don’t understand is why? It should be right around the same numbers since it’s from the manufacturer, right? I am new to this, so I do not know how the numbers are moved around


So the first major issue is the pre-incentive discount here is absolutely horrible. I’m guessing they’re probably marking up mf as well, but that’s a secondary problem.

Currently, there is $4500 in volvo allowance in Las Vegas, prior to the rebates, so you’re being charged $1500 OVER MSRP for a loaner. This quote, before any MF issues, is probably about $7-8000 too high. More if the MF is marked up.

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@mllcb42 $7-8 too high on top of the discounts and rebates they listed?

Correct. There is $4500 in lease cash which is being rolled into your “discount”. Essentially, if they gave you $0 of discount, with the incentives you qualify for, the selling price should be $1500 lower than it currently is. On a loaner volvo, ~15% pre-incentive discount is a good target, so $6500ish in discount in addition to the $1500 mark up they’re currently charging would put you $8000 lower than where you’re currently sitting.

This is probably the worst volvo lease offer I have ever seen. $1500 over MSRP on a loaner is just plain insulting. I wouldn’t even bother trying to negotiate with these guys.

Update your title with make/model/trim instead of meaningless current one

Terrible deal. If there is $4500 in lease cash, you are being charged over MSRP for a loaner. Probably also marked up MF if they are already being that greedy. That being said, I would ask @Ursus what the loaner cash would be since the car only has 39 miles on it. Also, figure out what USAA rebate is as well as first responder in your area.

A dealer does not have to show you all of the numbers. They can technically say that they gave you the Volvo rebates, as the total discount (divided into discount and incentives) is over that amount.

It might be a better idea if I copy June’s S60 deals posted on here.

If you want to be an effective consumer, it’s important that you understand the pieces of the puzzle that is the lease and which parts apply to your situation. Costco for example is a great rebate on a lot of Volvos right now, but not the sedans.

I would read Leasing 101. Sending broker offers out to dealers without understanding the numbers nor the time and effort it takes to put those deals together is not a good idea.

I read it once, looks like I need to read it several times. Thank you for the tip.


No worries. Leasing can be a bit of a learning curve, but getting a good deal is well worth it.

I have tried to deal with this dealership in 2019 looking for my wife’s SUV. They came up with something similar on an XC60 that was a 2018 at the time. I was being given essentially no discount and they insisted I put down $2500 to get the payment closer to I wanted to be-which was under $600 at the time. They wouldnt budge to where I wanted to be so I walked and they called for weeks after and I politely said no thanks. Keep looking- you will find what you are looking for Alex. Good Luck.

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