2020 RR Sport HSE Quote

I love it, everything I wanted from a response.

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That’s sadly the majority. I don’t really get hackrs as walk ins. There have been a few that I have had odd or negative experiences with but for the most part 98% of the people I’ve met from the forum have been awesome.


Incase it helps someone, my 2017 RR sport maintenance was $733. (I wish I’d known upfront) I drove under 17k miles in 33 months.

I love my ivory seats but the driver’s seat does have some blue staining (from jeans?) that I hope they don’t charge me for when I turn it in soon.

Enjoyed my lease, despite significantly overpaying. Now hoping to switch to a full-size HSE for less than I’m paying now, thanks to the help on leasehackr :woman_facepalming:

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We took delivery of our ivory interior RRS last weekend…still far too early to tell what jeans will do to them. We have light seats in the Corvette and got some blue dye transfer over time. Meguiars leather cleaner and a microfiber took care of the bluing in a couple minutes. Not sure if it will work for you, worth the $5 if you ask me.

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:+1::+1::+1: That is some real talk.


Dang… some of these hit close to home. :open_mouth: Especially as someone on LH - I know the deals to be had through LH, but still want to test drive the cars to make sure I know what I’m getting. I’m going in at 2pm on a Tuesday though, so hopefully not replacing a buying customer.

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@ethanrs Can you expand on only needing a two year PPM for a 36 month lease?

Last service is due at the 36 month mark and you aren’t billed for not doing it (at least with Jaguar Land Rover).

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Thanks @ethanrs . Perhaps a silly question but, does that apply for loaner leases as well?

Not sure, I’ve never dealt with loaners (most JLR dealerships in SoCal have a franchise loaner agreement with enterprise).

Hi, I am looking as at RR SPORT HSE 2020 PHEV.
1137 payment with tax 0 down, just first payment. a good price for 39 months? reg, doc fees, all rolled into the payment 83140.00 is the price of the car

You need some more information than that. Is that something you were given by a dealer?

Hi, correct, that is from the dealer via email. Which other info do you need please?

Sales price, rv, mf, fee total, your local tax rate, where you’re located, etc