2020 Rogue Sport Lease check

Hi, just got offered a 2020 Rogue Sport MSRP $26,335, 36/12k

$1,350 DAS + DMV and $235 per month

Includes $500 New Grad incentive.

Eastern Long Island region.

Please let me know thoughts on the deal… Thank you

How did you get it “offered” ? You came in and this is the price they gave you?

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My reaction too!

Good terms or not?

Sounds like you got MSRP minus 500

It smells like the Dealer is about to make A LOT OF MONEY off you.

Well, relative to the value of a Rogue, but yes. Not a good deal, OP.

nobody is giving away rogue sports. there’s no inventory.

I was curious so i went and peeked at my local Nissan dealer and they have 33 new 2020 Rouge Sports they can’t unload.

Based on their website?

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the salesman might have said that but I highly doubt they can’t unload them lol.

rogue and rogue sport inventory is rough right now.

not to mention it’s literally pretty much one of the cheapest leasing vehicles you can get with all wheel drive which makes them desirable to a lot of potential clients.

What’s the average age of their inventory? Is it 15 to 20 days? Or is it 180 to 300 days?

That makes all the difference. If they’re showing up on the website, but are only on the lot a few days to hours then they can’t seem to keep them and that’s good demand for it.

I asked my buddy this question who is a F&I guy now there he told me 27 of them is 200 days plus 6 just hit 181 days.

No the inside Man.

Have your buddy hook OP up! Should be no problem to discount those badboys to 10%+.

:+1: x20x20x20