2020 RAV4 Lease Check

2020 RAV4 LE (Base)
MSRP: ~30,000 (on the car window)
Drive Off/Down: $2000 (incl all fees and 1st month)
Monthly: $240
36months/12k miles

Is this a good deal? I don’t have anything like MF, just the deal numbers after negotiation. Should I accept this?

post the lease worksheet if you can.

I do not have a worksheet, I could not get a written quote only the numbers after negotiating, sorry.

Exactly why you did everything online

I tried to do everything online but could not and they required me to come in.

How many dealers did you contact?

A ton of dealers, this was the 1st one I physically went in for though. I haven’t contacted any dealers with this offer to see if they can match since I have no quote sheet/price worksheet.

Where are you located?

Columbia, South Carolina

I don’t think car sales are going to be pretty over the next month or so, I’m honestly surprised they are playing hard ball. I’d keep trying to get quotes online and/or generate offers based on what brokers have posted and what you can generate on your own work Edmunds numbers. I think things will really slowdown in the next couple of weeks and dealers will get desperate, no need to rush.

I am hoping to have a car before April 1st, do you think if I waited another week (~March 20) that will be enough waiting? Or should I hold out even longer ?

Just keep hammering the dealers, start a back and forth, ask for numbers. I think you can definitely score a deal before months end, the only thing that might work against you is if the programs get better next month

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Ok when I hammer dealers should I be physically going in or doing it online via email? Also by hammer do you mean sending them these lease terms and asking for them to match a similar msrp vehicle?

Don’t go in, online only. Let everyone know you’re ready to sign if the numbers are agreeable, you could even say you’re not comfortable coming in with everything that’s going on…lol. I’d use what’s going on to your advantage

Never go into the dealer unless you sign the papers.

It’s always the Toyota and Honda dealers that won’t talk to you over the phone. I have never had a problem working out lease deals using phone and email for brands like BMW and Volvo.

Maybe it is just that some people know their clientele and some people still believe that the tactic is forced conformation.

I have had trouble with them not really budging over email, is there any tips for getting to negotiating over email? Like I would show them terms that I want and they just say “No, to get that monthly you would need to put $1300 more down” or something like that. Should I just be persistent and ask again? Sorry for so many questions, this is a big decision for me.

So I should respectfully decline the $2000 down and $240/month? Or ask again for a worksheet and see what they say?

If they are not budging, then move on.

If you go into the dealer, that will give you a minimal discount and convince you to sign.

Don’t put money down, control the deal, tell them the terms you want, don’t let the dealer control you or the deal


I will do that. If I cannot get anyone to budge do you think the 2000 down And 234 a month is a good enough deal to accept and feel good about it?