2020 Ram Rebel..Lease Questions


Hey Guys,

Im currently leasing a Jeep GC that is up next month. I am looking to get into a Ram Rebel, one with all options. and packages. I have attached a window sticker below. Just to have an idea when talk to a few

dealers. Whats a rough # where the lease payment should be for 36 or 42 months and 10k or 12k miles. $0 down. It will be getting registered in NY

Any help and info is greatly appreciated.

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In my experience with out taxes and fees you would be around 600-700

i already got a quick quote from one dealer for $640 including NY tax but i think i can get it under 600

if you want a “Rough” number go to their website?


Don’t go talking to dealers with a “rough” number in mind.

Go talking to dealers when you already know exactly what it should cost and what you’re willing to pay.


Based on what? Do you have the MF, RV and incentives?