2020 QX60 Luxe Lease Help Ohio

Looking for some help to hack this deal in Ohio 44139 Zip. I think the dealer can discount more than the $3,385.

2020 Infiniti QX60 Luxe
MSRP: $50,489
Selling Price: $40,620
Paying off final 3 lease payments: $1832
Gov’t Fees: $35
Doc Fees:$250
Capitalized Tax:$1,667
Acquisition Fee:$700
Gross Cap Cost:$45,728.51
Drive-Off Amount: First Months Payment
Annual Mileage: 15k
MF: .00003
Residual: 45%
Monthly Payment: $575

$9,860 discount is $5,475 from manufacturer, $1000 loyalty and $3,385 from the Dealer. They are a making final 3 payments of my Pathfinder but actually just increasing Gross Cap Cost by that amount so not really doing me any favors.

Need more discount. At a quick glance looks like deal is at invoice

Just wait unless you’re over miles, the qx60 is past is sell by date, I’d shop around for something different. Nissan’s product is outdated and wasn’t all that great to start (cvt issues)