2020 Porsche Cayanne -- Lease advice

Thank you all in advance to review this below. New to this and don’t have all the information, hoping you can review the 3 deals below and I really would like to know your opinion on them please.

Cayanne Base
MSRP - $82,350
Sale price $72,950 CPO (Loaner I think) W/4597 miles
$2k Down
39 Mo/10K year
$957 month inclusive 7% tax

Cayanne Base
MSRP - $77,410
10% off - $69,669
$2k Down
42 Mo/10K year
$962 month inclusive 7% tax

MSRP - $81,320
Payment - $1006 inclusive 7% tax
He mentioned 2 service are included to ensure the RV was maintained
39 MO/10K Miles
Zip - 33131 /7% sales tax

Edmunds suggest 39/19k – .00200 and 58% or 59% with 2nd service.

thank you so very much!

Do you know what MF/RV the dealer used in your quotes? There haven’t been many cayenne posts as Porsche does not lease well. There is one recent post and I think the price range is close to yours… you might want to search for it for comparison.

Bad deals

Car is spelled Cayenne*


Yea, I helped a friend of mine lease one last month. Essentially a 9-10% discount from sticker at base MF is about as good as you can find on a new (non-loaner) example. 42 mo offered best payment/residual option.

All in all the quotes look in line but you really need to ask what MF they’re using on these deals or get the detailed quotes from the dealer and back into it using the calculator. Hard to do without more specifics on fees, etc.

Here’s our deal from a few weeks ago:

Signed - 2020 Porsche Cayenne $950/mo

First rule of leasing a Porsche is do not lease a Porsche. While they are all great cars, they lease terribly. Even the base money factor is equal to about 5% APR. I’d say check out the X5 or the GLE or the Q8 before leasing the Cayenne, you will get more with those options for your lease dollars…


Don’t put any money down on a lease. If you are happy paying close to $1k a month, then go for it.
I would not take any of those deals.

Yeah these cayenne numbers are just absurd vs x5/gle (forget about an XC90). I would get the discount and finance the cayenne if you really must have it.

For the amount of money your willing to spend on leasing a Cayenne. Your better off buying a CPO with porsche warranty. You can get a turbo, gts for less money monthly than this lease. Porsche’s you buy, do not lease.

I’d strongly suggesting test driving the Q7/Q7 X5 & GLE
After the test drive, decide if the Cayenne is worth the marginal cost. The only Porsche that I would shell money out for is a 911 (any model) & a Cayman GT4

Ofcourse I’ll make an exception for any Turbo/Turbo S Model :wink:

Idk about you, but $1k is X7 money, and that thing is BALLER

Here are numbers for an X5 M50i ($91k MSRP thru @nextlevelautobrokers)

Much more car than the base Cayenne’s your looking at!