2020 Nissan Leaf SV - Deal check

Hello all, first and foremost. I want to apologize if some of my questions can be answered from other posts. I just stumbled upon this awesome forum this morning and am heading to the dealership in a few hours to sign the lease.

Just curious if anyone has any feedback they can provide.

Car: 2020 Nissan Leaf SV
Additional packages: All-weather and technology package (I fought to have these added without much “additional costs”)
MSRP: $38,000
Discounts: Oregon tax discounts and other incentives brings the price down to ~$28,000
Residual and MF (per edmunds): 24 months/15k miles = .00157 and 54% vs 24 months/10k miles = .00157 and 56&

Lease terms: 99 per month, “0 down except tax, title, dealer fees etc” which equals $2,100 for 24 months, 12k miles.

I will likely upgrade the miles to 15k - 18k miles because my wife drives a lot for work. Price for 15k miles = 114 per month with the same $2,100 down for 24 months. Then I’m thinking that I will prepay for miles to bring us up to 18k.

Any last-minute advice is greatly appreciated. I am in oregon, zipcode 97005. I will be doing business at Carr Nissan of Beaverton.

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Did you get it? I know you posted two weeks ago. This deal is murder. I would take it in a heartbeat in New York. I am trying to find a good lease deal on a leaf now and the best I can do is what you mentioned but with $2k+ down.

If my math is right they are asking for 4 cents a mile overage now. Killer. Do that. The deal I have locally charges only a dime a mile over which is the lowest I’ve seen on any brand vehicle ever.

Yeah, I moved forward with the lease. I added additional miles 18k per year, upgraded technology package, and all-weather package for $138 per month. I got the upgrades for free and only paid for the additional miles.

I typically buy my cars cash without financing but when I saw this my gut told me this was an unreal deal.

Glad to know that my gut was correct. Details attached!

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Outrageous deal, IMO. With leases like that it is impossible to justify spending cash.

How much of cheap was prepaying the miles vs paying the overage per mile in your contract?