2020 Murano SL Lease Houston TX

MSRP: $42540
**Selling Price: $39213 9.9%
**Monthly Payment: $515
**Cash Due at Signing: $511
**MSD (Multiple Security Deposits): (If any)
**Incentives:3000 bonuse 750 loyalty

**Annual Mileage:12k
Accessories 188
Govt fees 223
Doc 149
Acquisition 650
Taxes 2275

Does this make a great deal? Where can I improve?

A Murano for $500+ a month? No thanks, nobody on here is going to show much love for a Nissan, especially at that payment. I’d look at some different cars for that kind of payment.

First thing to do is find a different car

Here’s a start

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Thank you. What should I improve on if it had to be a murano?

It has to be a Murano? Nissans are outdated, not great, and the company is facing a lot of issues. Just search for Nissan here and you’ll see plenty of hatred.

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I understand and have read through the hatred. It’s for a family member who has a unique situation and staying w Nissan.

Verify everything on edmunds and keep shopping quotes against other dealers, I doubt these are popular so you’ll be able to grind ever last penny out. Again, this vehicle doesn’t lease well and your family member is wasting money, they could have a nicer vehicle for less.

I did verify edmunds and this dealer is the only one willing to discount more than 2500 off msrp.

$39213 is not 10% off of $42540, it’s 7.8%

There is no such thing as a unique situation to stay with a Murano.


Sorry msrp 53540

Dang it’s 43540 my apologies

Terrible deal, you need to look at other cars. Ask dealers if the cars have tax credits, and if they don’t, say goodbye. You pretty much need tax credits to get a good deal in Texas.