2020 Mercedes GLE350

My wife get a $800/month lease credit specifically for a Mercedes. She would like a mid-size SUV. My local dealer quoted the following lease and claim to be an amazing deal…doesn’t look that good to me. Please comment:

MSRP: 63,895
Adjusted Price: 60,861
Doc Fee: 85
Tax: 15.99
Non Tax Fee: 1846.75
Balance: $62,808.74

Down: $2,010
Monthly: $1,000
10,000/36 Month

Residual: 36,420
Money Factor: .00225

How is this deal?

Really bad


It’d be an amazing deal for the dealer


I assumed so.

What would make this a good deal or just walk away?

It’s not even 5% off pre-incentive… are there incentives you qualify for? Also, do you know what are the MF and RV from Edmunds?

Edit: I’d walk… they hit you with really high numbers to start with.

Better discount and a much lower MF (I assume that’s marked up sky high)

If you are in SoCal, contact @Calvin.MBFR.
If you are in NoCal, contact @oarfish18.

They both should be able to get you a much better deal.


Hello! I can help you out.

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For what it’s worth, I live In FL (Miami)
I custom ordered a GLE350 because no dealer has anything in stock built out the way I wanted.
MSRP $68,500
2500 drive off
Used a local broker who got me a kick ass deal on a GLE 43 coupe 2 years ago

Just got a quote from a broker today on the car and said with 2k drive off (first month and rest BS) looking at 730-750 range depending upon options. That’s where you should be. Worth note the Audi Q7 was a lot less.

GLE deals range from bad to atrocious

You’re in “coulda had an AMG sedan instead of this 250 HP 4 banger” territory

Heard that Florida/Texas has a shortage of GLE’s, a lot of dealers are out of stock… since the factory was closed for so long… prices will be higher in the next coming weeks for the GLE so I’ve heard.

My deal is even worse, the Down they are asking is 5k and 900$ monthly…! useless deals actually. GLE is very hard to find with good deals. May be in the next two three months we might get good deal on 2020 model.

Would you mind sharing the broker information. I’m looking to get a GLB soon. Thank you!