2020 Mercedes Benz GLC 300

Good deal?

Vehicle Price:53430
Final Price: 47995
FEES: 599
Dealer Fee: 799
MF: .00152
REsidual Value: 54%
$784 Sign and Drive


Would recommend using MSDs if you can. It’ll lower your payment a good amount

Not bad for 2020 GLC 300.
only 54% RV? little lower than what I expected.

money factor is marked up and the acq fee is going to be 1095…

assuming this is a RWD and not 4matic.

10% is not good inclusive of incentives

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so aim for 13-14%? what do you think?

What incentives are being offered?

What should the money factor be? Yes, it is the RWD.

If I use MSDs and the car gets totaled (God forbid) do I get it back?

send a PM to @nyclife He should be able to get you a good deal.

Yes, you do

Step #1 when looking at leases is always to get MF/RV/incetives from edmunds

I love this truck good luck if you purchase it. I wish I did not have 2 years left on my grand Cherokee or I would be getting one.

the truck will only get better, wait till 2021 then

Lol truck… it’s a mid sized crossover

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