2020 Mercedes-Benz GLA 4MATIC

Seems to be only 55% RV?
What is a realistic expectation of the discounts and MF? Location: MA

GLA What 250?

yes GLA250 4MATIC

I found something like that. They are actually temporary closed. I know from the experience that they can provide some additional discount if you will reach out to them via email.


Edmunds will tell you the MF and verify RV. You looking at new or loaner? New I’ve been seeing anywhere from 8-12%, loaner around 17-20%.
Shop around and see what you can negotiate down to so you can tell us what discounts are currently being offered.

Thanks, man. I don’t really care if it’s a new one or a loaner tbh. I will only drive it for three years anyway.

In that case, go with a loaner. You’ll get the better MB deals with one.
I believe the interior redesign that’s come out in some models isn’t going into the GLA until 2021

Was in touch with a MB dealer. Correct on all fronts. 2020 GLA, last year of this design. Discounts up to -20% off MSRPs (a couple a touch over 20). '21’s due to start production later this year when (hopefully) the factories start up again. '20’s will have big reductions later this year.