2020 Mercedes Benz CLA250 Lease Question

run a quick calculation and u need 15%+ off msrp to fall into the 1% rule
for VA/MD you need ~20%

Not a rule or a viable way to judge if a lease deal is any good.

i’d say it’s a good way for normal cars cuz you basically paying 36% of the MSRP to rent a car for 3 yrs which is much better than most of the residule values those FS set
ofc u shouldn’t pay $5000 down then check the 1%

It’s a pointless way. Doesn’t factor in lease terms, different das, incentives people qualify for, regional values, etc. 1% on one car can be a great deal and on another car would be a horrible deal.

It’s a rule of thumb that needs to die.

it’s for normal cars which means 36/12 with 0 das. ofc u can lease super cars with some crazy 48/5k term and that doesn’t apply to 1%

but sure it’s just a preference like if you lease an audi or mb here most ppl will tell you to lease something “better”

Even if you normalize for 36/12 $0 das, which is rarely the case when people actually reference the 1% bs, it still doesn’t change the fact that even with those terms, things vary wildly based on individual qualifications and that a 1% price one one car may be an amazing deal and a horrible deal on another. It is completely useless.