2020 Mercedes Benz CLA250 Lease Question

This is the deal I was offered today. Can anyone tell me if this is decent? I’m trading in a current lease early on a 2018 Mercedes Benz GLA250 which means I’ll have almost $10k of payments rolled into the new lease.

You must be really rich, dumb or both to pay nearly $700/mo for a CLA250.

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Nothing is going to be a good deal with $10k of payments rolled in.

Have you gotten a quote from carvana, etc on the gla to see if selling it is a better option?

Why are you getting rid of the gla?

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I just like the new CLA. No other reason. I have 22 months left on the GLA and I guess I’m just being impatient.

What’s a decent payment on CLA? I’m new to leasing and really not sure.

What are you paying on your gla? What’s the carvana offer vs the current buy out? The worst thing you can do is roll 22 payments into a new lease.

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I’m confused as to why you would even ask the forum if it’s a decent deal when you are rolling in $10,000 worth of previous lease payments into a CLA just because “you like” the new cla. $700 for a CLA is just ridiculously foolish…throwing away money.

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Whats he going to save $24 a month in lease payments



Well, if he has a great payment on the gla, he may be able to get bites on swapalease. Sounds like his gla lease is probably ~$500 a month though, so I doubt that’d work out.

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GLA payment is $517 which includes tax and prepaid maintenance.

This is a pretty bad move all around. No lease will look good starting $10k in the hole. Am I reading that correctly that it’s a 48 month lease you want to sign?

So you want to bury around two years of $517 into a payment that’s $700 for the next FOUR YEARS to drive a base CLA?

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Yes, it’s a 48 month lease.

put it up for transfer, offer an incentive, and be out 3-4k instead this horrible decision

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You understand that paying $700 over the course of 4 years is around $33,600. You could outright purchase a base CLA for that amount of money.

Hands down the worst decision anyone can make “just because it looks nice.”

Would Mercedes financial even take on this much negative equity? It’s 38% of the MSRP of the CLA…

The dealer said they got approval already. I turned it down though after seeing everyone’s comments on here.


Smart choice. Hold on to the GLA until you’re closer to the end. By then, a newer CLA will be out and you’ll most likely be able to get a better equipped model.

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CLA250 = $250 my max willingness to pay for that :joy: (the old ones)

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even without ur 10k tradein they only give u 7% off msrp

Nothing about this looks good. All around a horrible move