2020 Mercedes AMG GT

Hi guys,

This is my 1st post, so apologies beforehand! I live in Northern suburbs of Chicago.

So, I got reached out by an agent from the Leasey app, and here are his numbers! What do you you all reckon? Is this a good deal? The dealer is in Georgia, BTW!

P.S. Albeit my interest in a BMW M4 comp or M8 comp, the agent seemed to be persistent on selling me the Mercedes AMG GT. I like it

Specs & Pics:


I’d get the discount closer to 11-12%.

Confirm your residual, MF and incentives on Edmunds first -

It looks like there is a $7500 incentive, so if you pull that out of your discount, you are only getting 3% off from the dealer.

Hmm! Thank you for the info, really appreciate it.

Gorgeous vehicle.

You mean he’s trying to upsale you? :joy:

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Why don’t you pursue your interests instead of letting them pursue theirs?

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I’ll take one please

EVERYTIME I see this car it makes me think of Austin Powers movie. It looks like a giant…



I was looking at a GT back in July as well. If this is the base GT the MF is correct at .00071. However does the discount include the lease cash of 7.5k? And on top of that do you have Benz in your current household, there was another 4k incentive on top of that. Total incentives bottom out at 11.5k if you have loyalty and if the dealer passes along the whole 7.5k incentive. You should be able to push for dealer contributions as well. This was for July so I’m not sure if August incentives got juicer or are gone. Good luck on whatever car you end up going for!

Have you driven all 3? Looked at them in person? M4 would be significantly cheaper than the m8/amg gt.

The m8 and amg gt are the better cars imo, you should check them out in person and decide which ones you want to pursue.

This was in the showroom last night

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The quote is for 12,000 miles a year. Are you sure you want to spend that much time in it?

It’s a fantastic machine, but I couldn’t convince myself to drive one every day. The seats are impossibly narrow, and entry and exit is challenging because I have longer-than-average legs (I’m 6’2").

If you’re 5’5" and 130#, forget everything I said. :slight_smile:

Haha, yea. But thanks to your guys help, I won’t succumb to his tactics lol

Agreed, your comment has helped me to NOT pursue this haha

Now, I can’t UNSEE it

Thank you for your well detailed response. I decided not to pursue it :slight_smile:

I haven’t driven any of the 2020 models. But I agree with you, the M4, is a better deal. And I saw one at my gym yesterday, WOW-IE


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I am 5’6" 160 lbs. But, I see what you’re saying :slight_smile:

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