2020 MB A220, What am i Missing?

What am i Missing here?

2020 MB A220
MSRP: 36,505
Sale Price: 32,855
Sales tax 9.25%
Doc Fee: $30
Official Fees: 519.75
Total Due: 36,559.86
MF: .001149
Residual 59%

Monthly is $504

when i punch this in the calculator i get a price of $432.

Calculator link?

You made a mistake with the MF

What does total due mean? Also, mf doesn’t match.

sorry i messed up on the MF. it is .00149 which is on the calculator. Total Due was sales price plus taxes and fees.

Acq fee and gov fees are also wrong. Show us the lease worksheet as well.

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Is .00149 what edmunds says the MF should be or what the dealer says they’re charging?

Missing acquisition fee - $795 for MB, but most dealers mark it up to $1095. What is your due at signing amount?

That’s almost $4k in taxes and fees on 36k car, need to know how they came up with that.

CA doesn’t tax on full price of the car to my knowledge, that’s an issue right there.

A lot of places show the sales numbers like that along the side. I doubt they’re rolling the tax into the lease.

The numbers match your calculator if you put the proper numbers into the fees columns with the $1095 acquistion fee

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This matches close to the worksheet.

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He said his “total due” is $36k, which is cap cost I assume.

I suspect that’s just a case of misreading the paperwork

That’s if you were to purchase, not lease.

Ah gotcha. So they left out acquisition fees. outside of them bringing the price down, he said he included all incentives, which i actually qualify for fleet pricing through my employer, would that be shown anywhere?

should i ask for a lease sheet specifically?