2020 M4 lease. should i do it?


Hello all!

Please bear with me as this is my first post on this forum.

I am currently looking to lease a 2020 M4. I found one at a local dealer and after some back and forth I was able to get what I believe to be a decent deal. I will include below all the info I have (which inst very much as far as details go) :

Msrp: $88,735 (black on black, comp, ceramic brakes and DCT)
Drive off: $899
Monthly: $899
mileage: 12k
Sale State: NJ (6.625% tax rate)
Doc: $699
NJ reg: $85
Qualified discounts: UNK

Which incentives do you qualify for? Do you know the doc fee and how much it costs to register a car in NJ? With those three you can find out the discount they are giving you. Or just ask for the detailed breakdown.

I updated the post with everything but the qualified discounts

Do you qualify for BMW Loyalty? Are you a recent graduate? If so did you mention these to this dealer?

no loyalty and not a recent grad.

Do you know the selling price? What MF they’re charging?

If your drive off is only $899 your calculator must be very similar to this. Which translates to %13 percent discount after deducting the high doc fee. If there is no hidden fee the deal looks solid.

unfortunately I do no not, only info I have that would even closely resemble anything to do with MF is its a tier 1 lease. I really dropped the ball not having this info! LOL

Great! thank you!

If you haven’t signed yet, there’s still time to gather the info.

I will grab it Monday morning before I go there

Yes make sure to share the details before signing. People here can help you out better with the actual numbers. We are just guessing now.

Also check M4 CS deals if you can survive without an armrest.

will do. they offered me a CS but i just cant imagine nearly a $100,000 car without door handles! lol

At least it’s not a $200k Porsche without door handles :grinning:

thats a bitter pill to swallow :rofl: